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Published:Monday | July 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Kaci Fennell

It was a week of entertainment, brains and top secret wedding bells, from BET Awards, Jesse Williams' speech and Kaci's pending nuptials. See the deets below.

Beyoncé and Kenrick’s BET Awards

When Queen Bey performs, she takes no prisoners, and when she took to the stage to perform Freedom, we are reminded of her greatness as an entertainer. Then Kendrick Lamar went on to the stage and we were just blown away. If the show ended there, many would have been satisfied, but we were in for a phenomenal night.

Oh Jesse!

Well, BET Awards had brilliant performances and the tribute to Prince was absolute perfection. Jennifer Hudson did Purple Rain flawlessly ... no shade. However, Jesse Williams stole the show with his big, beautiful brain. Yes, his brain and not just his beautiful grey eyes. His speech about black empowerment and how far the race “have come” shed white on several issues that are still plaguing society – the killing of black men and the struggle of the black woman. Then he ended so beautifully, “Just because we are magic doesn’t mean we are not real.” I am sure there were millions of black girls crying everywhere because he was married and just hoping that they could have cloned him.

Kanye again, sigh!

Kanye West is at it again with his new video, Famous. This time he had nude wax figures of celebrities in bed based on a 2008 piece by American Realist Painter Vincent Desiderio. There are several celebrities and individuals who believe that once again, he has gone too far, especially with his inclusion of Taylor Swift, who already disputed claims that she signed off on her name being part of the lyrics in the first place. But we keep ranting about him, keeping him in the limelight. West obviously won’t stop unless someone does something about it – legally.

Kaci Fennell nuptials 

So Kaci Fennell is married. Her engagement was the best-kept secret since Eva Mendes had baby number two. I must compliment her on keeping her business private. In a world where everyone is under such scrutiny and privacy is almost non-existent, it is good that someone knows the definition of personal life.