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Get rid of the junk, declutter!

Published:Monday | July 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Tips on Decluttering
We all have that one room, one area that seems to be the “catch all” for everything that has no “home”. Receipts, documents, handbags, old luggage, baskets from gift packages…all manner of odds and ends. Recently at Executive Home Management we decided to declutter our catch all area in our laundry room and create a new office space. We often get calls about organisation and decluttering home spaces. Here are some tips that we found useful.
1. GET HELP! In our case at EHM we got help from our trainee housekeeper Kimone who did an excellent job in helping to declutter area and get the laundry clean and organised. Give us a call if you need help, it makes a lot of difference when you have an extra set of hands. The room or area feels less overwhelming when there is someone there to assist.
We were also able to call in our friend creative artist and decor designer Alicia Thomas of AMarie Art. She will help us with fresh decorative pieces for our office space. Alicia creates beautiful paintings, rugs and throw cushions with her own colourful, unique designs. They make any dreary room come alive. Alicia was happy to oblige our request and once our space is complete we will be pleased to tell and show you more. In the meantime you may take a look at AMarie Art here:

2. Decide what you want to do with the majority of the items in the space. Are they useful? When was the last time they were used? Would you miss its use if you donated it? Do they belong in the garbage? Create 3 piles – Keep, Dump and Donate. Remove the items and place each in the relevant category. Start with the floor and work your way up.

3. The space is now clear. Clean the area thoroughly getting rid of any dust and grime that may have built up over time.

4. Do you need to repaint? Give the area a fresh look. Maybe a new colour for the walls, change your curtains. These things can brighten a space especially if you plan to repurpose its use.

5. Create proper storage space for the items you kept. Arrange these in a neat and accessible way giving each item a “home” so it can be returned there after use.

6. Have an idea in mind of how you imagine your newly decluttered space should look and feel and then go shopping! If you already have all you need, get to work and arrange the room according to your taste. Pinterest is an excellent resource from room design and decor.

Our new home office space is taking shape. In our next article we will show before and after photos and highlight the trials and triumphs that involve getting rid of our sentimental junk. Keep reading!
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