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The Dynamic Lifestyle | Top 5 fitness venues for summer 2016

Published:Monday | July 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM
White-sand beach, anyone?
The beautiful scenery and greenery of the Blue Mountains were breathtaking.

So it's summer and it's the best time for families to look and feel their best - look good, feel good and be fun! What better way to work on the 'look good' aspect than some amazing fitness venues this summer right here in Jamaica!

If you're just reading this article in the series, the last article, we looked at the Top 5 Things families can do this summer to stay fit. This time around, we're looking at where families can go to stay fit this summer. Whether you have the whole day or just a few hours, here are my top picks. I mean, let's face it, sometimes it's challenging to balance work and summer vacations and still be fit. With this guide, I've offered a few simple places that will get you moving, grooving or burning to become the best version of yourself this summer.

1 The mountains: For the hikers and those who enjoy outdoors, the mountains are a great place to hike and to ensure that as a family you're appreciating the species of flowers, plants and natural habitat that exist. The Blue as well as John Crow Mountains are now a World Heritage Site, so you can mix fitness and education on the trip as well. Feel the burn and you get to learn!

2 The beach: Sea, sand and more! The beach offers such an amazing opportunity for families to do great team-building activities - you can do relays, competitive fun and a lot more while enjoying a serious burn on the beach. Running on sand is no easy feat so you better believe it is going to be fun, plus you can get a tan in the process. Remember to carry your water bottle and towel.

3 A park: Let's say that you just want to relax, go for a nice stroll, or have a diverse workout, then a park would do great. Emancipation Park would be an amazing place to do this. They have a great route to walk and have several classes held in the evening. Grab a few evenings and head there with your family.

4 The road: For the runners among us, hit the road and do a 5K or a 10K. Families can gain a lot of training, bonding and competition from a run - here's the trick, a run works multiple body parts - legs, quads, arms, and abs. Grab an app from your store and track your workouts to see how amazing your family has done.

5 Pool/river: Jump in! Jump in! The pool or the river is the best place to take the family for an amazing push and a sweet relief. Swimming remains the best cardio workout to engage your entire body. Compete in races, play 'pass the ball' in the water or simply practise your strokes. It's fun, relaxing and great - and if you don't know how to swim as an adult, there are several places that I know of where you can learn!

That's it for family fun! Let me know how you plan on working out as a family this summer., I'd love to hear.


#MyDynamicLifestyle Challenge Update


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