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Going to a strip club with your partner

Published:Monday | July 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM

It has been a long-standing pastime for most men-a visit to the strip club. But how does the dynamic works when you go not with the 'boys' but your partner?

For Samantha DaCosta*, going to the strip club with her partner is like heavy foreplay that gets both their engines heated and ready to go.

"He is my favourite person to go to the strip club with. We watch the girls and on occasion even tip them if we think that they are doing a good job. But honestly, seeing them 'throw down' just gives me ideas on how to turn up the heat in our bedroom," she told Flair.

Some men do find going to the strip club with their partner a bit exhilarating. Xavier Young* admits that this is one of his favourite places to go with his girlfriend.

"We love to go together, watching the strippers seem to put my girl in a good mood," Young admitted.

"Every time we go to a strip club, she dances on me more than when we just go to an ordinary club. It ends up turning us on so that we are both rushing home to have a very hot night," he laughed.

According to relationship specialist Dr Sidney McGill, going to the strip club with one's partner is neither strange nor dysfunctional.

"Voyeurism is something that some individuals find erotic. So when a couple goes to a strip club - seeing the girls undress, dance and behave in a sexual manner is a bit stimulating for some couples," McGill explained.




He notes that this is completely natural and is the reason why a few individuals even go as far as to videotape their sexual experience with their partner.

"It is not just about reliving the experience but it is about seeing it being played out that really helps to get them aroused," he added.

McGill highlighted, however, that both partners would have to like the idea of going to a strip club for it to work. If one partner is more reserved than the other, it can be a turn-off because while one might be turned on, the other would need to get that out of their minds before they can be at a place to have sexual intercourse.

He noted that there is the possibility of cheating if one partner is not completely satisfied in the relationship. Once they are seeing what else is out there, it can encourage them to experiment with persons other than their partner.

Dr McGill believes that before going to a strip club, couples should have a discussion to ensure that they are both on the same page. Once they have that discussion, then there is not usually an issue.

*Names changed upon request.