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Play Away at Fetish Secretz

Published:Monday | July 25, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Owner of Fetish Secretz, the beautiful Sade Buckeridge posing proudly beside her racked lingerie collection. Fetish Secretz reopening.
Let him or her lay you down in a bed of roses, Fetish Secretz style.
For all your fetish fantasies, visit Fetish Secretz at Eden Gardens.
A closer look at Fetish Secretz's fragrance collection.

You know how they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Well, maybe he needs to grab his Jill, carry her beyond the hill to fetch their fantasy at Fetish Secretz. That way, once they 'push to play,' Jack won't frown but earn his crown and Jill will follow gleefully after.

So in order to take your romance to 'fifty shades' of ecstasy, then maybe you need to make your way to Fetish Secretz. Flair visited their new home at Eden Gardens recent, and had a heart-to-heart with the owner, Sade Buckeridge.

Buckeridge has been in the business of adult entertainment for the past nine years, and was all too happy to report that since inception, she has been making remarkable strides. "We only did deliveries at first, but then we branched out into a store," she revealed. After making a home at Hillview Avenue, they made the strategic move to relocate to Eden Gardens, because it is more central and private, appealing to their clientele. For the past four years too, they've been engaging in e-commerce transactions, which have been doing well due to the increased use of technology that enables persons to be discreet with their purchases.

Speaking of purchases, they have a wide range of adult toys and lingerie suitable for your active pleasures. From costumes to naughty dices to massage oils, whips and chains, you name it, they provide it. One of their bestsellers are vibrators as the stimulation of a woman's most climactic area is in great demand for the majority of her customers.

She pointed out that women are heavy shoppers, purchasing items not only for themselves but also their partners, while the men mostly shop for enhance products and to entertain themselves.

When asked what was the craziest request a customer has ever made, she said, "I heard a customer request a blow-up Kim Kardashian doll once. Now, we have blow-up dolls, but not of Kardashian. He was very specific, and I just could not help him."

Let's take you on a virtual tour, shall we? After passing the pool at the Eden Gardens facility, you are immediately greeted by a purple door, encouraging you to push (it open) to play. From there, you step right into the royal room, where you will find all types of toys for both naughty and nice girls and boys on display. Then once you glimpse the golden chains, you will break away into the red room. Inspired by Mr Grey himself of Fifty shades of Grey, Buckeridge noted that she upped the ante in the bondage department, so she warns that you proceed into the red room with caution.

Still not convinced of the ecstasy that awaits? Then be bold and revel in your wild side with Fetish Secretz.

For more information, call 447-9662 or 631-7189, email at or visit their website at