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Dynamic Lifestyle play list

Published:Wednesday | July 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Whether you are running or working up a sweat in the gym, a good playlist is the perfect companion to get you going.

Happy Independence Day, Jamaica! I like the Independence Day and what it represents - freedom with responsibility.

Let's face it. You're free to eat whatever you want, free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. But note that there are consequences aligned to every decision that you make. So choose smart, choose wisely and choose responsibly.

This year is Jamaica's 54th year of independence, and I just love how Jamaicans have become world leaders in their respective fields, especially music. It's the rhythm, the beat, the heart and soul that come alive when you listen to Jamaican music.

Our music is so good that we've collaborated on many global hits. Music has also been a great help when working out. That said, today's issue is about music! We're counting down the top-14 Jamaican workout-inspiring songs! Personally, I listen to mixes, but I decided to be strictly Jamaican for Independence Day. If you think we missed a song, or if you had one you want to use, hit me up on Instagram @patricejwhite; let me know!


10) Get There - Chi Ching Ching


Everyone knows a good dancehall song is essential, so what better song to kick-start the list than Chi Ching Ching's Get There"? It's light, energetic and focused on the mission of getting things done. So whether you're running, dancing, lifting weights or just pushing through your cardio class, we're all working hard to ensure that we 'get there'.


9) Champion Boy (clean) - Alkaline


I don't know about you, but every time I hear this song, I'm amped up to push through, pace myself and get that workout done. Champion guys and girls, feel empowered knowing that you are in control of the workout. Power through!


8) Pon Di Riva -



Elephant Man


No Jamaican workout playlist would be complete without a song from the 'Energy God' himself. In fact, he has so much energy that most of his songs made our initial cut; Father Elephant, Pon di Riva and Crazy Hype, were some of the others. There's just something about an Elephant Man song the random messages, and of course the energy he brings to it - bring your energy up every time you workout.


7) You Can Get If You Really Want - Jimmy Cliff


Sir Jimmy Cliff is one of those vintage artistes that you've got to appreciate. He's simple in nature, but potent in his lyrical content. His song made our list because of the push it gives us - when you're on that last rep. You can get it, but you have to put in the work, eat clean and push towards your physical limits.


6) Do Supm' - Konshens


This is the type of song that signals your entrance to the gym, when your swag is turned up! You know when you're ready to kill your workout or you've just killed a workout - your endorphins are racing and you can conquer the world? That's it! Nuh bwoy (or in this case, no workout) nuh badda dan we!


5) Gas - Ding Dong


Here's another dancehall song I can appreciate - the beat is sick and the energy is lit! Amp up your set with this head-bopping tune. I know, it's strange, the hook doesn't make much sense but the beat pushes you into turbo mode to complete your workout.


4) I am A Warrior - Marvia Providence


So maybe you don't know this track, but apparently it's a hot track in churches these days. The message and rhythm grabbed me. You know how we do it, never retreat from a workout. We're warriors in life and in the gym. One part of the song that grabbed me says, "don't talk defeat to me", which is right, considering we're on a fat-killing war. If you haven't heard it, grab a listen and put it on your playlist.


3) Aji Bounce - Bling Dawg


Hands down, this has to make the top song in our list. Widely popular and with an attention-grabbing beat, it has (for lack of a better term) a bounce to it. Cardio, weights or more, Aji Bounce is a good song to rock out to. Grab a listen if you don't know it.


2) My Dream - Nesbeth


This song had to make the cut. After a great sweat session, you can cool down with this very powerful song of visualising and understanding of where you want to go physically. We all have a dream body, let's work towards it.


1) Big Deal - Chris Martin


My number 1 track is all about knowing that you are powerful - yes, you are a BIG DEAL. The fact that you are making a conscious choice to eat clean, to work-out to do all that it takes to have a Dynamic Lifestyle, it means you're amazing. Remember that you can do absolutely anything. Keep the goal in mind and work towards it.

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• Patrice J. White is a certified lifestyle and transformation coach and founder and president of the Sonic Steppers Running Club. Instagram/Twitter @Patricejwhite. Give her a call at 876-GETTFIT (876-438- 8348).