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Meet the Miss Universe Jamaica contestants

Published:Monday | August 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Kimberly Grant
Renae Roye
Shadae Haye


Kimberley Grant


Miss D'Marie Institute

Age: 23

Height: 5'8.5

Vital Statistics: 34-24-36

Occupation: Library aide

Favourite Colour: Olive green

Favourite Food: Ackee & salt fish

Favourite Sport: Track & Field

Favourite Singer: Barrington Levy

Favourite Actor: Jason Statham

Favourite Film: Fast N' Furious

1. Reading and travelling

2. Broward College. Scholastic Awards/Achievements: Certificate: Accounting Technology Specialist, Business Specialist & Business Marketing.

3. Becoming a successful retail fashion buyer for a top designer company, and entrepreneur, because I plan on creating my own business and becoming successful. This will allow me provide people with jobs for those who are in need.

4. To continue to grow and excel in all areas of my career, while inspiring others.

5. Because I believe it will open up doors of opportunity. I've also been modelling and believe that this experience may help to

further that career.

6. While sleeping one night I had awoken and tried to get up out of bed, but a strong force pinned me to the bed and I was unable to move. I tried to scream but no sound was coming out. I just had to stop forcing and wait for the energy to leave the room before I was finally able to move. It was a very scary experience.

7. My proudest moment was the day I got selected as a finalist in the Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant.


Renae Nicola Roye


Miss Quiet Jamaica

Age: 26

Height: 5'8"

Vital Statistics: 34-26-38

Occupation: Medical Doctor

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Food: Curried Goat

Favourite Sport: Netball

Favourite Singer: Bob Marley

Favourite Actor: Angelina Jolie

Favourite Film: Mr & Mrs Smith

1. Travelling, swimming, playing sports and baking

2. University of the West Indies. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (2014), Bachelor of Medical Sciences (2012), Sportsmanship Award for Hockey (2009), Rex Nettleford Hall Premier Award for Sports; Deputy head girl (Charlemont High School)

3. My five-year goals are to: become a role model to young people around the world, to purchase my own home, become a consultant in my field and to establish a centre to care for the elderly.

4.To become a gynaecological oncologist.

5. I entered the Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant, because I believe that a competition like this truly 'Enhances Lives through Beauty' and it allows women like myself to feel and be 'Confidently Beautiful'.

6. Being invited to a social event by my friends and was told to dress comfortably, only to show up in jeans wearing wedges to a cocktail event.

7. It occurred when I received my package stating I was successful in my final exams.


Shadae Haye


Miss Curves

Age: 23

Height: 5'4"

Vital Statistics: 31-24-37

Occupation: Marketing Consultant

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Food: Seafood

Favourite Sport: Volley Ball

Favourite Singer: BeyoncÈ

Favourite Actor: Jim Carey

Favourite Film: Titanic

1. Travelling, hiking, skating, watching documentaries, fine dining and social outings

2. St Hugh's High School

3.To complete my degree in entertainment and media enterprise and go on to do business management. I'd also love to purchase my dream car and since I love travelling I want to travel the world!

4. To build my own brand.

5. I entered the Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant because I was encouraged

by a friend. I further learnt after some research that pageants like these help to mould and uplift women. The amazing outreach programmes, charities and scholarships become more accessible through pageants.

6. Growing up in a small district and then having to relocate to Kingston for high school. It was a total culture shock for me.

7. My proudest moment was being named my younger sister's role model

in an article she wrote in school. Also travelling to Cuba for the first time.