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Meet the Miss Universe Jamaica contestants Pt. II

Published:Monday | August 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Kadeem Baker
DJ Smith
Anna-Kaye Beckford
Liane Chung
Denyque Welds

Twenty-three beautiful young women will be vying for the 2016 title of Miss Universe Jamaica, to represent Jamaica on the international scene and have their lives changed forever. Today, we introduce you to some of the contestants with their vital statistics. We also asked them the following questions:

1. What are your hobbies?

 2. What is the last school you attended and your scholastic awards

 3. What are your five year goals?

 4. What is your life's ambition?

 5. What is your motivation for entering the competition?

 6. What is your most unusual experience? 

7. Describe your proudest/happiest moment.


Dujonette 'DJ' Smith


Miss ARRC Media Ltd

Age: 27

Height: 6'

Vital Statistics: 34-24-36

Occupation: Model

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Food: Bread

Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Film: Imitation of Life

1. Pilates, watching movies, and sketching.

2. University of Central Florida with an Associates of Arts in Political Science and Government.

3. To complete my bachelor's degree, then law school, and hopefully run my own practice.

4. To attend law school after I am finished with my modelling career.

5. Because it has been a childhood dream to represent Jamaica on the international Miss Universe stage, thus allowing me to be an ambassador for my country.

6. Following my sister's journey through her illness.

7. Being given the opportunity to compete for the Miss Universe Jamaica crown and possibly representing Jamaica at the Miss Universe Pageant. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I'm extremely grateful that I have been given a chance to do so.


Kadeem Baker


Miss All Signs Ltd

Age: 26

Height: 5'7"

Vital Statistics: 34-27-39

Occupation: Aesthetician/Entrepreneur

Favourite Colour: Turquoise

Favourite Food: Curried chicken and fruits

Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Singers: Chris Brown and Anita Baker

Favourite Actor: Angelina Jolie

Favourite Film: White Chicks

1. Growing plants and herbs, baking and playing loud music.

2. The University of the West Indies.

Scholastic Awards/Achievements: 8 CSEC passes, 4 CAPEs, Diploma in Voice & Speech (Media Technology Institute), student counsellor, fifth form class supervisor, cheerleading house captain (3 years)

3. To franchise my business here in Jamaica and the Caribbean, and to establish a recycling company.

4. My immediate goal is to be the next Miss Universe Jamaica and ultimately win the Miss Universe 2016 crown.

5. I've always wanted to be an international ambassador for my country, and in doing so I want to also stand up against the various injustices that exist, such as domestic violence and child trafficking. I also want to make recycling mandatory, and winning the title will make it easier for me to achieve this.

6. Seeing a family member suffer as a result of cancer. It has opened my eyes to the importance of taking care of one's body, eating right, exercising and having regular medical check-ups.

7. Opening my spa, as well as being second runner-up in the recently concluded Miss Universe Jamaica Northeast Pageant.


Anna-Kaye Beckford


Miss Gleaner 182

Age: 25

Height: 5'8"

Vital Statistics: 34-27-36

Occupation: Clerk/Administrator

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Food: Stew peas and rice

Favourite Sport: Football

Favourite Singer: Alicia Keys

Favourite Actress: Sandra Bullock

Favourite Film: The Blind Side

1. Dancing, singing, reading, watching

television, and surfing the Internet.

2. Central High School.

3. I see myself as one of the world's top super models. In addition to that, I would have obtained my degree in psychology.

4. To become a psychologist, and be

successful in everything I do.

5. To build self-confidence, gain exposure and to become involved in community development.

6. Dining in a pitch dark restaurant (dark dining).

7. Spending time with family and friends.


Liane Chung


Miss RJR Communications Group

Age: 26

Height: 5'9"

Vital Statistics: 34-24-37

Occupation: Law student

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Food: Special fried rice - no pork

Favourite Sport: Track & Field

Favourite Singer: Bob Marley

Favourite Actress: Julia Roberts

Favourite Film: Titanic

1. Exercising, travelling, reading, spending quality time with family and friends, and going to the beach.

2. Norman Manley Law School.

3. To win the Miss Universe Pageant and complete my reign successfully, to work with a law firm and learn as much as I possibly can, to purchase my own car, and to get

married and live happily.

4. To become the next Miss Universe Jamaica and ultimately the next Miss Universe. I also want to establish myself in the legal field and have my own law firm, and then ultimately retire as a judge.

5. Because it's a passion of mine to become an ambassador for Jamaica, and I believe the pageant provides the platform to do so. I also believe I possess the necessary qualities to be Miss Universe Jamaica as she is smart, disciplined, focused, strong, consistent, understanding, caring, determined, charming, beautiful and sexy!

6. While studying in Barbados, was being chased by a monkey on my way home. I had some bananas in my school bag and the monkey suddenly ran out in the middle of the road and stared at me, and then started to give chase. I ended up running all the way home!

7. Completing my Bachelor of Arts and LLB.


Denyque Welds


Miss Linkup Media Group

Age: 27

Height: 5'7"

Vital Statistics: 33-26-38

Occupation: Recording artiste/Media


Favourite Colours: Hot pink, black, red sea green

Favourite Food: Spicy chicken and shrimp alfredo

Favourite Sports: Tennis and football

Favourite Singers: I have so many but here goes: Whitney Houston, Jessie J, Aaliyah, Brian McKnight, Usher

Favourite Actors: Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp

Favourite Films: The Day After Tomorrow/Alice in Wonderland

1. Binge-watching TV shows and sleeping.

2. The University of Technology. Scholastic Awards/Achievements: Belair High School Academic Awardee (2001-2007); Consistent Honour Roll Awardee (Grades 7-12); French Vocabulary Competition team captain second place in 2003-2004 and first place in 2005; Regional distinction in CSEC French (2005); Awards of Excellence in English Language, French, Arts & Music; JCDC Festival of Arts (2002-2003) silver and gold; Regional Pulse Petite Fashion Model second runner-up 2004; honours graduate in 2006 with special recognition for French and Art.

3. Continue to grow as a woman, and build 'brand Denyque'. I have hopes of opening a WETSWIM store internationally, and I would inevitably become a life coach.

4.To have happiness and success. I aim to be a successful career woman, mother, and wife. I also wish to motivate, inspire, and change as many lives as I can.

5. Because I believe the pageant is a positive platform to educate, motivate, inspire and influence young girls. As a firm believer in 'us girls sticking together', I almost feel obligated to take this step and be among other beautiful women willing to lead with style and grace.

6. Eating crocodile and camel meat 'Carnivore' in Nairobi.

7. As a headline performer in Kenya for a sold-out show in 2011. Hosting my very first unplugged event which featured myself, Chino and Delus, and establishing my very first charity initiative 'Santa's Little Helpers'.