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When I met you in the summer

Published:Monday | August 8, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Boy meets girl, and when you add a little heat into the mix, it can erupt into a sizzling summer fling.

Now a summer fling, which involves having intimate relations with someone during or just for the summer, is often instigated by passion exuded on the spur of the moment. It could go one of three ways after the season has changed - ending badly, amicably, or becoming the greatest love story ever.

So, since we're still in the summer, Flair asked three of our 'diva' readers to take a stroll down memory lane and recount their favourite or best summer flings. Here is what they had to say:

At first when we got together, we thought we had something that would have led to a relationship later on. But he had a girlfriend with whom he hadn't completely broke it off with, so the situation was just complicated. We had a lot of chemistry and enjoyed each other, so we decided to give summer fling a try.

I was single, he was partially single, so we just continued seeing each other on the terms of 'no strings attached' and we just had fun. In the end, the complication became too real for me to bear and I just didn't want to be tied up in that. Also, I had to go back to college, which was two hours away. This was two years ago.

- S.C., 26.


I began a summer job and was invited to the company's staff trip. While going on the bus, a handsome young man asked me to sit beside him. We hit it off right away.

When we arrived at our destination, we were inseparable. And so it began. By Monday, we had lunch together and that trend continued every day. Then we started going to the gym together. We flirted on and off, until I finally gave into the temptation. Since that, after workout shower jamboree became a ritual. Otherwise, we would sneak in a longing stare or a kiss here and there, on and off the clock.

A few weekends, I went to his house: he was amazing! Then feelings started to develop. He knew I had a boyfriend back home and that I was in it for the fun; we both were. But then he wanted me to end my relationship and be with him - I couldn't. Up to the day when I was heading to the airport, he pleaded with me to leave and be with him. That started a big argument and we just stopped speaking to each other. He has reached out to me since and occasionally we speak.

- M.A., 27.


I was always sent away for the summer to spend time with family. On one particular summer in

2005, a guy came asking for my cousin. I thought he was hot

and found myself staring at him uncontrollably.

As time went on, I saw him more often but he never really 'saw' me until he saw me one day in a dress. That caught his eye and he began seeing me in a different light. While he expressed interest, he also confessed he had a girlfriend and I wasn't his type: double whammy.

I pressed on anyway, and we became friends. That summer passed and no progress. Seeing him here and there throughout the year ignited a new spark and by summer, I was right where I wanted to be. We shared our first kiss watching the sunset and made love under the stars. We decided to test the waters after we both became single, and see what would happen after the summer. Suffice it to say, we saw three more of those summers together. Unfortunately, we broke up but remain friends to this day.

- T. M, 30.