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Perfecting the body with PiYo

Published:Monday | August 15, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
PiYo is a combination of Pilates and Yoga moves.
Tonisha Stanley says she is the only certified PiYo instructor in the island.
Anyone can do a PiYo class as it is not limited to only persons with Yoga and Pilates experience.
PiYo builds long lean muscles.

Mandeville, Manchester:

It's summer and everyone is taking their workout routines to the next level, hoping to whip their body into shape.

From aerobics to weight training, boxing, and yoga, individuals are trying it all to see what works best for them. But according to Zumba instructor Tonishia Stanley, PiYo is an excellent workout routine designed to provide mind-blowing results.

"I became aware of PiYo from a client and several infomercials on cable. It was released in 2014 by Beachbody Live, which has programmes such as P90x and Insanity. With PiYo, you can think stretch and strength. The moves are inspired by yoga and pilates, and you use your own body weight for resistance," explained Stanley.

Stanley, who is the only certified PiYo instructor on the island, explained that though not very difficult, the workout may be a bit challenging for the average person.

"Anyone can take a PiYo class. The programme is not limited to those with pilates and yoga experience, as instructors can modify the moves to challenge all levels from beginners to advanced, so everyone gets an incredible workout."

She continued: "It has proven to be quite effective. You build lean muscles while getting a deep stretch, plus the short rest periods and quick pace mean there is also a cardio component. So while you lengthen and tone your entire body and calm your mind, you will increase your heart rate to burn fat and calories.

The owner of the Ishia Zumba studio on Ward Avenue in Manchester, stated that while some persons may be hesitant to try PiYo, her studio offers a number of other fitness services to strengthen one's core.

The Ishia Zumba Studio also offers piloxing (boxing, pilates, and dance), pole fitness, sculpt and abs, and Zumba. PiYo is included in a specific package but can be taken as a separate class. "We offer a wide range of fitness programmes, and we embrace all music genres in our routines. We boast a clean and secure environment so people feel comfortable to come there and enjoy the music and actually have fun while working out."

She added: "We have dress up and theme days and a rewards/points programme. Our loyal customers keep coming back as we motivate them to achieve their weight loss goals or even just to maintain their existing weight. The studio prides itself on the fact that our clients appreciate the policies that the studio operates under, and they are happy to comply, knowing the end result is a good product. We also offer personal Zumba classes for the individual who prefers a one-on-one session instead of a class setting."


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