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Soulful Oasis Retreat – Ignite Body. Mind. Soul

Published:Monday | August 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Jump off into amazing with Unapologetically WOMEN at their Soulful Oasis All-Inclusive Retreat September 30-October 2.

The retreat, which will be held at the Sunset at the Palms Resort in Negril, is for the woman who is consciously ready to take a look at her life and take the next step in her own evolution. It gives participants an opportunity to explore their purpose and share with other women in a similar state, and leave feeling renewed, invigorated, energised, centred and ready to step into all that they are.

At the retreat, participants will be invited to leave behind the veils they often wear to hide their true and authentic selves, and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

Conceptualiser and founder of Unapologetically WOMEN, Kaysha Franklin, felt there was a definite need for women to come together and open up themselves to greater possibilities in a space where love, compassion, and truth were encouraged without being judgemental.

"In order to be a complete, grounded woman, there needs to be a synergy between body, mind and soul, as one strong element of this trilogy leads to an imbalance and causes you to operate from a place which does not support the emergence or sustenance of your best self.

"The Soulful Oasis Retreat provides the opportunity for women to let go, reset, disconnect, and reconnect in a nurturing and holistic way and connect with the three aspects of self. It was created specifically for women to come together and share while being guided by purposeful, passionate, dynamic women, all with a keen interest in seeing other women live a life of purpose and step into their greatest, most fully expressed selves," stated Franklin.


The retreat, therefore, speaks to the woman who is open, willing, curious, unveiled and ready to be the best version of herself.

In an honest space, participants will get the opportunity to explore who they currently are, to see whether that person matches with who they want to be. If it doesn't, they will be exposed to the knowledge of how they can make the necessary change(s).

Starting the day with guided meditation and yoga by the beach, the retreat sessions surround the themes: 'Living Life on Purpose'; 'Celebrating All That We Are As Women'; and 'Releasing the Old, Embracing the New'.

Franklin will host the Soulful Oasis Retreat with planning and execution partner Stacy Hines, with sessions being led by Koereyelle Dubose of Atlanta, Kathryn Leary, Anita Boeninger of New York City, Dr Andrea Blackwood-Harriott, Yolande Lloyd Small and Christina Gonzales of Jamaica.