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Mistreated man

Published:Monday | August 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM

After being married to his college sweetheart, George Lewis thought nothing or no one could come between them. He worked long and hard and did everything in his power to keep his lady love happy.

His role as public relations manager caused him to travel the island on a regular basis but he would never return home without a gift for his wife. From interesting food such as a fancy dish made with rabbit meat to diamond earrings, nothing was too much or too little.

But as time progressed he noticed she didn't seem to care about the gifts. They would just sit on the bed or wherever he left it for days. Being the kind-hearted and caring person he was, he decided to take her whenever possible. But her attitude remained the same. "She would just sit in the car for the entire day," Lewis shared. He began to blame himself. "What was I doing wrong?" he thought.




No matter what he did, Mrs Lewis was just not appreciative. If it was an event, he would take her, overnighting in rural Jamaica. Birthdays and anniversaries were never forgotten and were celebrated in fine style with lavish gifts. But there was no improvement. As a matter of fact, she began to drive him crazy.

"She cooked less and she knows I love her food. I would also have to do all, if not most, of the chores she once managed. I also found myself babysitting the kids more as she would be doing double shifts more often. She seemed unhappy at home and I just wanted her to be happy so I kept on buying gifts, taking her out and doing the household chores."

Lewis eventually became overwhelmed. He slowly but surely began to wonder if he was being taken for granted and a conversation with his wife of 11 years proved him right.

"I remember the Friday we had the 'last' chat. I had just returned home from a trip to Ochi. Before heading home, I stopped at the hotel's gift shop to pick up the usual gift for her." He saw the most amazing pair of earrings that he could already imagine against her dark skin. He bought them without even asking the price despite what he thought was a rough patch they were going through.

"I got home and invited her to bed as the children were asleep." She had been working all day and so he asked if she would like a massage. She said no, but he insisted and she obliged. As he reached for her shoulders he noticed the hickeys on her back. He thought maybe he was tired and perhaps seeing doubles. But after several closer inspections, his worse fear was being realised.

"Long story short, we got a divorce and now I am with a woman who appreciates me and my acts of kindness and, of course, the gifts," said Lewis with an ear-to-ear smile.

* Name changed to protect identity.