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Quickie gone wrong

Published:Monday | August 29, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

While we are all fans of long, romantic love making, for some there is nothing more thrilling than living in the intimate moment with a quickie. But what happens when in the heat of all that passion, the plan goes off grid and something goes wrong? What do you do then: do you address the issue and pick up where you left off? Do you make the best of the new circumstances? Or in an instant, do you just call it a loss and move on? Here's what a few of our male readers did when their quickie went wrong:

One night after a hot party date, we got to her place and could not wait to get inside. We started there on the bonnet of the car. Bursting with passion, I jumped on the bonnet and we heard a big bang. It seemed OK so we kept going. Next thing I know, I started to feel some ants biting. My shoes and pants were almost covered with the flesh-eating insects. My girl still gets goose bumps just remembering. We had to shift our attention to get rid of the ants and ease the bites. By the time that was done, we were too tired to do anything.

- V. C, 33, male.


I remember one time, I decided to do a quickie with a girlfriend of mine while her parents were home. This particular quickie was taking a bit long and her parents almost caught us in the act. But they knew that we were up to some mischief because we were both sweating.

- C. R, 30, male.


While over at my girlfriend's house, we decided to sneak in a quickie, but during the act, her son walked in. I just stopped and immediately went into hiding. That was the end of intimacy for the night.

- M. F., 29, male.


Well, the only thing I could say went wrong was that we were caught in the act by a very close friend of mine. We left the windows open because it was supposed to be short, but somehow my friend decided that that was the appropriate time to come to my house. He came to my window to call me and caught us live in the act. I guess the quickie wasn't quick enough.

- T. Y, 31, male



My girlfriend was no virgin, but it took her a while before we could have sex again because she never liked the experience the first time around. One night, I told her I wanted to see her - I lived next door, so she would always go to the side of the house just to meet me. I was in the mood so we started kissing and things started to happen until it got to the point of a quickie.

She was hesitant about it because we were outside. Anyhow, we continued doing our thing but it was like Madonna sang 'like a virgin touched for the very first time' all over again. That wasn't very pleasant so we had to stop.

-K. L., 36, male.