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‘Twas Trending

Published:Monday | August 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jamaica’'s sprinter Usain Bolt grimaces during a press conference in Prague, Czech Republic, yesterday. Bolt arrived in the Czech Republic to attend a Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava tomorrow.
Elaine Thompson with her 100m gold medal
Asafa Powell working out during a pre-Olympic Games training session in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Usain Bolt does his 'To the World' pose after winning the men's 100m final in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Now that Olympics is over, what's there to talk about? Lots! We have the inside scoop on all the gossip following the athletics and more in this week's 'Twas Trending.


Bolt strikes and Thunder Follows


The fastest man alive Usain Bolt has been making headlines for his actions on and off the track. Last Sunday in Brazil, during his birthday celebration at the club, things reportedly got a little heated between himself and a local college student. Later, she apparently sent photos to friends showing her sharing the night with the track star, which was subsequently leaked to the media. Fans from all over took to social media to put in their two cents on the matter. Some went as far as to take sides, of either the legend, or his girlfriend in Jamaica, who is caught in this entanglement. To add insult to injury, the day before this incident, she had posted a pretty intimate set of videos displaying their love. No one wants to be in Bolt's or his girlfriend's shoes right now. Ok, maybe Bolt's shoes, just a little bit, but you get the picture.


Donkey Man now the Transporter


Move over Donkey Man, hello Transporter! After Javon Francis successfully received the baton in the 4x400m finals at Rio recently, resulting in the Jamaican team finishing second, he decided that the time had come to the ditch the Donkey Man title (after all, that's so high school) and graduate to the honours class of athletics with Transporter. Hopefully, the world follows suit and catches on the new name.


Liar Liar. Lochte Under Fire


Olympic gold medallist Ryan Lochte had been trending at the beginning of the week, after news surfaced of the biggest scandal Olympics have ever seen. After lying about being held at gunpoint to avoid paying for a door he broke in a drunken escapade in Rio, the authorities caught up with him and unveiled the truth. Lochte has been under fire for his actions, and has seen lost endorsement deals with Speedo, Syneron Candela and Ralph Lauren. It doesn't pay to be a liar, liar.


Runs for the Money


Jamaican track star Asafa Powell won gold in the men's 100m sprint at the annual Diamond League last week in fine style, and had all the girls screaming in victory. While many praised his success, some went on to say that Powell only does so well at this meet because he is all about running for the money.


Gold after Gold after Gold


Golden runner Elaine Thompson is on athletic cloud nine right now after defending her gold and winning first place yet again in the women's 100m sprint at Diamond League last week. Go Elaine! Jamaicans could not be any prouder!


Single JLO


Multi-talented entertainer Jennifer Lopez is now single again and back on the prowl after she split from her backup dancer and beau Casper Smart. There was no drama, just two mature individuals who decided it was time to just call it quits. Don't we wish all break ups would work out like this?


Grande Gesture


Pop singing sensation Ariana Grande has been keeping a low profile when it comes to rumours of a possible relationship with rapper Mac Miller, with both declaring that they are just friends. But then, photos surfaced of the two canoodling in a restaurant last week. Talk about a Grande gesture among 'just friends'! Let's leave these two alone so they can figure how they really feel about each other. Until then, we'll just sip our tea and sing their theme song, "I love the way you make me feel." *wink*