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Unapologetically Women: The Kaysha Franklin Story

Published:Monday | September 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Kaysha A.C. Franklin was tired of always feeling tired.
Kaysha was destined to create a safe space where women could be their true authentic perfectly imperfect self.

"I'm tired, I'm always tired. I feel as if I slept for a long time I would still be tired; I need to make a change ..."

- An extract from the journal entry of Kaysha A.C. Franklin dated January 8, 2014.

That day, Kaysha made up her mind that something had to give. A practising attorney-at-law for eight years at that time, she knew she could no longer go on with the feeling that something was missing.

Never one to run away from a challenge, and always believing that she had the power to live life on her own terms, Kaysha began to think about the life she was living and whether or not it truly aligned with what she wanted. The short answer to that question was: It was not!

What started that day as she poured into her journal was her quest for a far more purposeful way of living.

Armed with two fundamental questions: 'What would I do if I had no fear?' and 'What does my perfect day look like?', Kaysha went to work to find the answers to these questions.

Fast-forward to April 26-28, 2015, in Maryland, USA. After almost a full year of immersing herself in anything which would assist her in discovering the answers she was desperately seeking - prayer, meditation, journaling, Bikram yoga ... anything which dealt with personal development and growth - Kaysha made the decision to fly to Maryland to attend a workshop for women hosted by Iyanla Vanzant. She describes that weekend in one word - life-changing.

Aside from the amazing counsel from Iyanla, what struck her was the need for women to have a safe space where they could let down their guard; be their true, authentic, perfectly imperfect selves; and spend time on self-development and growth. It was out of this experience that her next step became clear.




One morning while thinking back on her experience, and again going back to her grounding questions, Kaysha went to work conceptualising and breathing life into 'Unapologetically WOMEN' - a brand focusing on encouraging women through retreats, events and workshops in beautiful places, to live their best lives.

Holding true to her own core values and beliefs, she began to shape the brand around four central ideas she believes strongly in:

Living life on purpose: The idea that women can live purposefully and passionately and wake up each morning being fully engaged ready to share their gifts with the world.

Celebrating all that we are as women: The idea that every part of a woman is beautiful and that we are perfect in our seeming imperfections. Our very feminine essence is a gift to be embraced and celebrated.

Releasing what no longer serves you: The idea that we can release what no longer serves us without guilt and without apologies, and open ourselves up to boundless possibilities to live our very best lives.

Taking time for self without apology: The idea that it is OK for a woman to put herself first sometimes and focus on her own development and care, and in fact, more than being OK, this really is a necessity and should be done without apology.

In fact, it was this focus on taking care of self 'without apology' which gave rise to the name of the brand.

Having spent close to one year creating and fine-tuning UW's first offering, Kaysha and execution partner Stacey Hines, an entrepreneur coach, will be hosting Soulful Oasis All-Inclusive Retreat for women in September. When asked of its genesis, she states: "Many times, women are wired to put everyone and everything before self - partner, husband, children, family, job ... with them coming a distant second, third, fourth or fifth. But Soulful Oasis All-Inclusive Retreat weekend is one where you can leave that all behind for two days and focus on you - two days of exploration and empowerment in one amazing location."

Having gone through all this, where is Kaysha today? "My days are long, but I am no longer tired. At least, not in the same way I was. Armed with my laptop, a cup of tea and boundless, creative ideas, I go to bed later, yet I am able to wake each day feeling more passionate and purposeful than ever. Stepping into the vision of UW has breathed new energy into me. Following the tag line I created for the brand, I face each day ready to 'Jump off into Amazing'. Where's 'Amazing', you might ask? Amazing is wherever you want it to be. For me, it is living a life fulfilled where I go through the world fully expressed while positively impacting others along the way."

For more information on Unapologetically WOMEN and Soulful Oasis All- Inclusive Retreat, contact Unapologetically WOMEN and continue to read the Flair for countdown articles until the retreat. Limited spaces are available.

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