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Dynamic Lifestyle | You versus You: Strategies for the battle against the bulge

Published:Monday | September 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Kayann Ramlal before her weight loss.
Kayann after.
Even though I tried losing the weight and remaining focused and motivated, I would always have a relapse and eventually regained most of it.
Avoid making weight loss your New Year's resolution. Just start.

Woohooo! It's a new month and that means new moves!

Let's make this a September to remember! With only four months left until the new year approaches, it's time to really fight the battle of the bulge and dig deep to get the body you deserve.

When we first started this column, we featured the success story of a working mom who, based on her professional responsibilities, struggled to keep fit and healthy. Today, we've looking at Kayann Ramlal who has a similar story. However, this time, she has struggled with her weight all her life.

She shares with us her story of how she moved from 230 pounds to her current weight of 180. Losing weight is literally You vs You. Take the tips and see how it can help you in your daily war. Remember, we're in this together, pound for pound, until you're the best version of yourself.

DL: Have you always had a weight problem?

KR: I started putting on weight when I was a teenager, and from then always tried to lose weight but lacked knowledge and the motivation to do so.

Although my top weight was 230 pounds, that wasn't my turning point, as even though I tried losing the weight and remaining focused and motivated, I would always have a relapse and eventually regain most of it. The turning point for me happened in January when I needed surgery.

Being on sick leave for seven weeks you find a lot of time to think and reflect on your life and to be very thankful to God for all things - the good ones and the bad ones, as you grow and learn from them.

I decided over that period of reflection that I didn't want to do another surgery, that being overweight was a contributing factor.

I also wanted stop taking medication to control high blood pressure that I have been suffering from I was about 23 years old. There are other factors that also led to my turning point, but surgery and the silent killer of hypertension at such a young age made me decide that this was the time for a new me.

DL: What was your turning point to lose the weight?

KR: I began simply because I

didn't like what I saw in the mirror and the harsh comments from strangers on the street. It damaged my self-esteem to the point of me not wanting to look at myself anymore.

So after many attempts to lose weight by the most common known methods (going to the gym, dieting/starving and pills) which

only produced short-term results as (the weight) I rapidly regained, it I decided seriously about eight years ago to once again attempt weight loss - but this time it was a different approach, I was focused and


DL: Describe your mental state during the journey and what motivates you to continue this journey on days that make you want to quit.

KR: Although my new approach was one of being focused and determined, mentally I was still shocked as it took great will to maintain the focus and determination. One thing I learnt quickly was that I hated the gym's boring and suffocating routine. That was the gym for me.

A boot camp-style/outdoor setting was definitely the best fit for me. So I attempted my first boot camp, and that was the hardest I've ever worked out in my entire life. There was the fleeting thought of quitting after the first week, but those two words came back to me - 'focused and determined'. That boot camp was where the foundation was laid that started this journey.

The motivation to continue came from the knowledge gained - witnessing persons around you that also struggled and achieved their goals or were well on their way to doing so, the feeling of accomplishment when the pounds begin to disappear and the burning desire to push yourself to new limits. But I wasn't consistent. I knew the correct thing to eat but I only worked out in the summer so the weight never stayed off and kept coming back.

DL: When you began, you barely knew how to run doing a 5K. How has that changed?

KR: Walking a 5K was never an issue, but running an entire 5K! Never thought I would be able to achieve this small feat others considered easy. Then Patrice White and The Dynamic Lifestyle entered my life on May 9, 2016. Initially, I didn't do much running until two weeks before the Everybody is a Winner 5K Walk/Run. I was told that I'm being entered to run and I'm expected to finish among the runners that will receive a medal. My first thought was, 'Pat mad, how am I to run a 5K that's two weeks away'? Needless to say, most people work out four to five days a week - Pat had me working eight days for those two weeks, running sometimes twice per day. But I achieved it and ran my first 5K on June 19, 2016 in a time of 35:35.

DL: Any advice to our readers?

KR: My advice to anyone

wanting to start their weight-loss journey is to avoid making it your New Year's resolution, just start. We can all make the time if we want to succeed. It might seem like a great sacrifice to wake up at 4 a.m. to run a 5K, but when you're finished, the feeling is great. You don't have to go to a gym - go walking/running with friends or

co-workers who have the same goals as you do, and who will become your accountability

partner/s - make a schedule and stick to it.

I had to stick with this journey for a number of reasons.

1. I have been overweight for part of my childhood and all my adult life - the desire and want was always there to see myself without the excess weight.

2. Over the years, I've had health issues, and one of the recommendations was always to lose weight.

3. I want to inspire others, even one person, to start moving and becoming a new, healthier them. If I am able to achieve this, they can too.

4. I see too many young people dying from lifestyle diseases, and I didn't want to become a statistic.

5. I like the challenge, it creates a feeling of satisfaction when you begin to see the results of your hard work.

• Patrice J. White is a certified fitness, lifestyle, and transformation, coach and founder and president of the Sonic Steppers Running Club. Email: Instagram/Twitter @patricejwhite.Facebook @whitejpatrice. Give her a call at 876-GETTFIT (876-438-8348).