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'Twas Trending

Published:Monday | September 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama
Taylor Swift

Yard and foreign kicked up ruckus on the social scene last week, and we have the latest in this edition of 'Twas Trending.

Usain and Kasi


Jamaican athletic legend Usain Bolt and his leading lady, Kasi Bennett, have been creating quite the stir on social media all week. First, their

exotic destination remained a mystery for the start of the week until Kasi decided to share her location on a feature photo: Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora. Then post after post, the lovebirds threw shade at all the 'haters', showing that they are stronger than ever, despite his alleged escapade in Rio. Fans and non-fans were in a

frenzy, sharing and resharing their posts with their own opinions on the matter. There was even a case of a rumoured proposal.


Taylor Swift break-up


We think it's safe to say that we are all over Taylor Swift and her break-ups. Boyfriend Tom Hiddleston served a short term and now we have to bid him adieu. We can just imagine the upcoming album laced with fire and heartache and some hit songs.


Outdoor fashion show gone wrong


Combine the blazing summer sun with clear stiletto heels, aka plastic and killer heels, on models, and what is the outcome? Disaster! This trended last week when Kanye West decided to host an outdoor fashion show at New York's Roosevelt Island.

Specially invited guests were disgruntled by the shuttle service via bus to get there. Not only was it claimed that the show started hours later than expected, which they speculated was due to the Kardashians' tardy arrival, but to add insult to injury, it was alleged that the extras strategically placed around the catwalk were standing in the sun all that time. Many legs just gave out. Okay, slavery was abolished when again? Let's not recall this aspect of history ever again. Definitely noted as a field trip gone wrong, with many media houses calling it 'a hot mess'.


The Essence of POTUS and FLOTUS


When President Barack Obama and his first lady, Michelle, appeared on the cover of the recent edition of Essence Magazine, social media was lit with nothing but compliments for their favourite couple. PS: We're all going to miss them. Parting will truly be such sweet sorrow.


Hair, there and everywhere!


Everywhere you turned, someone was posting or reposting about a parent's decision to keep her child's hair high, despite the school's instruction to cut it.

A slew of arguments were presented for and against the school's decision to subsequently pull the child from classes until those rules were followed, and the mother took to the media to make her side of the story known and heard. So parental and children's rights versus school rules. Some things are just too personal to comment on ... so 'mum's' the word 'hair'.


Sia's dedication to Pulse victims


Sia's new music video for her song, The Greatest, was trending among the LGBT community and others. Her tribute to those who lost their lives during the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, three months ago, unleashed bouts of emotions as she teamed up with Maddie Ziegler and other young, talented dancers to deliver a powerful tribute. Many have deemed her a genius for her brave move.