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A proper manscape

Published:Monday | September 26, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Deverhoid Eastwood
Raymond Simpson

In days past, many women would say that they love a man with a clean shave or a good line-up, but men seem to be grooming 'out of the box'. Beards have become a sexy trend but it does come with its fair share of maintenance, so we asked a few men how is it that they keep their facial hair all swagged up.

Well, I use a body washes like Old Spice and Suave for men frequently, at least two times a day. Freshness, that's done with a little aftershave, and for that I use Curve and Givenchy. I clip it up every now and again to keep it neat. Drying it is not so bad. I use a rag then comb it and then brush and aftershave last.

- Deverhoid Eastwood


I wash it with Tresemme Shampoo and then towel dry. For softness I steal my girlfriend's African pride moisturiser and even sometimes use oil sheen when going on the road.

- Xavier Grey


Anything my wife is using, that is what I use. Shampoo and conditioner, and then I dry it with a towel thoroughly. I then use her leave-in conditioner to keep it soft and a soul comb to comb through. Then just pat it down to keep everything even and well shaped.

- Raymond Simpson


I groom it by clipping the ends and ensure that it isn't dry and stringy. There are selected shampoos that I actually travel with and keep in my desk drawer because I wash it quite often. Having food caught in it every time I eat is unavoidable, thus I wash it every time that I eat. Some of the shampoos I use include Finesse, Infusium 23 and L'Oreal. I towel dry and I start from the root and then I dry the hair itself. I also deep condition it twice a month.

- Gavin Henry


When it comes to a beard, women have given mixed views:

I was never a fan of my boyfriend's beard because his hair grows wild. While he looks similar to Wolverine (I should find that hot, right?), it's sharp no matter its length, and pricks me in the face every time he attempts to kiss me. The one cool thing about it is his bearded hair grows both black and brown, so it always fascinates me to see the colours collide on his face.

- A.A., 30


To me the beard is really dependent on the guy. Some of them just does not take care of it so it will have today's lunch in it. However, there are some that just know how to maintain it, and will even feel soft because they take care of it like I do the hair on my head, and I do love my hair. Those I can work with.

- V.L., 29


My boyfriend grew a beard after two years into our relationship. I loved him without a beard but when he grew his beard I loved him even more. He keeps it clean and fresh - strengthening my habit of always smelling his face. I have a special attraction to his beard as I am always pushing my nose in his beard and rubbing my fingers through it. His beard is soft and curly so I actually like feeling his face on my face. It also shows his maturity. I know some people worry about their man growing a beard because of grooming but I had no worries because my babe is always neat and clean.

- K.G., 27