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Dance up a storm at Vybrance

Published:Monday | October 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Nashauna Lalah getting ready to soar during the modern-contemporary session.
Not only does stiletto sexy look good, it is also quite a workout.
From left: Jenni Campbell, Nashauna Lalah, Randy Bowman, Kimberly Goodall, Samantha Strachan, co-owner of Vybance, and Krysta Anderson flash their sexy poses after having a blast of fun in their dance session.
Kimberly Goodall shows off her skills in the modern contemporary session and soared.
Carreen Walton (front) leads the group through a fun filled session.
Paying keen attention to the instructor, Randy Bowman aces the dance moves.
Krysta Anderson leaps her way into happiness during her dance session with Vybrance Jamaica.

Combine energetic dance moves with great vibes and the result is pure Vybance!

Dancers Samantha Strachan, Carreen Walton and Shaquille Laing have joined forces to offer adult dance classes geared towards getting fit and having fun


Nashauna Lalah


In no time I was drenched with sweat. The few strands of hair that had escaped from my ponytail clung to my scalp and forehead for dear life.

My body screamed for rest but I was captivated by the beat and held prisoner - Afrobeats, folk, soca, dancehall, 'sexy stiletto', and modern contemporary. It all flowed through my veins - and not entirely of my own free will.

The Lifestyle team found itself at Vybance dance studio in Kingston, and Carreen Walton and Samantha Strachan were taking us through the paces. Man, those girls can move!

When it was time for sexy stiletto (which I was really looking forward to) my thighs really got a workout - leg days got nothing on the deadly combination of Strachan and Beyonce. That's a deadly combination.

It's a complete body workout. If felt like when you haven't been to the gym all week and turn up on Friday and your trainer says let's do an all-body workout today.

But although quite gruelling, the endorphins it released made me feel spectacular. Having not been to Latin dance sessions in over 10 years, or done ballet since I was 12, it seems I totally forgot the joys of moving to music.

But trust me, if you are looking for an activity that's really FUN while working up a good sweat and getting a complete workout, you need to head to Vybance.

Now, if only I could get the Moscato rhythm out of my head.


Krysta Anderson


Dance and I have had a love affair for as long as I can remember, but due to injuries, I've had to set my passion aside. So, you know when I heard that my team would be trying out a class at Vybance, I was overjoyed! I had taken classes with the dance company before, and put in a special request to add a little spice and throw in as much genres into the one class as possible. Man, were we in for a surprise!

Carreen Walton, affectionately called 'Reeny', started things off on a high note, taking us on a movement journey through dancehall, soca, Afrobeat and folk. She kept it nice and easy, building the energy as she progressed. By the end of the warm-up, breathing had intensified and bodies were glistening in sweat! But no stress, my team was in it to win it and found themselves having ton loads of fun.

Of course, being in my element, I was on cloud nine and was in a permanent state of euphoria. And to see my boss do the one drop: priceless in my book!

Then Samantha Strachan took over and stepped things up a notch, exploring Afrobeat, modern contemporary and her signature stiletto sexy. Sam is no joke! Commanding that floor in heels you better work! Stiletto sexy was actually the least of my fave but I decided to challenge my body anyway. Surprisingly, I wasn't as rusty as I thought! Modern contemporary had me brushing out some old moves and had the class spinning and leaping in style.

By the time we were looking Johnny in Afrobeat, I was exploding with energy! Could I find him? Nope! But I did discover my favourite segment of the class - so much so that I ended up attending the Afrobeat dance class the very next day! The best part about our class: seeing my team trying new moves, laughing, encouraging and supporting each other. Everyone left writing and editing behind at work and just enjoyed themselves on the dance floor.


Kimberly Goodall


I have always loved dancing it was my first passion and something I enjoy doing. Even though I haven't danced in a while, I was super excited to join my team in a session with Vybance. I must admit that it was not what I expected and different from what I'm used to.

We did afro beat, dance hall, soca, folk, stiletto sexy and a little modern contemporary. Do you know how hard it is to do all those genres in an hour and a half? It is very hard! But the good thing is, I loved it. It showed me how much I missed dancing and refreshed my love for it.

Reeny taught us afrobeat, dancehall, folk and soca, which was a lot of work and felt like I was in the exciting, fun section of the gym. It also had me doing some dances I haven't done in a while, like Dinki Mini. With Samantha, it was a totally different party. I was rolling on the floor, dancing in heels and rocking all those BeyoncÈ moves. If you want to know how to feel sexy when you look in the mirror, you need to take a stroll down to Vybance and ask for SAM! All in all, it was just a blast!


Randy Bowman


After being called out in our last team workout, I knew I had to bring my A-game. My friends often say I dance like a white girl, and I was out to prove them wrong.

The energy was high in the studio, as the music blared through the speakers. I was ready. Our first teacher, 'Reeny', took us through a few genres, my favourite of which was Afrobeat. Did I drop legs! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and did not want to stop. The moves were quite familiar and worked up quite a sweat. So much so that my bottle of water was finished before we got to half through the session.

Our second teacher, Samantha, was a burst of energy as she took over the segment I anticipated the most - stiletto sexy. As we slipped into our stilettos, Beyonce's Hold Up started. I screamed out, "That's my song!" The base of that song moved me to the dance floor and it was time to get my sexy on. As the songs echoed through the room, I felt the burn in places I forgot I had muscles, reminding me I was still working out. The smile never left my face especially when I looked in the mirror and realised I wasn't as stiff a 4X4 (winks).

So if you want to dance in a class filled with vibes, then Vybance JA is the place to go. For more information on how to join the Vybance JA nation, you can follow them on Facebook at Vybance JA, on Instagram @vybanceja, you can email vybanceja@gmail.com or call 455-2581.