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DIY Jo: Get that Glow

Published:Monday | October 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Shea Butter
Argan Oil

DIY Jo is back this week, and today I will be tackling skin moisture for my fellow eczema 'sistas', and even the 'brothas'.

So the climate is changing, and we have more to deal with than allergies and the common cold - we also have dry skin. We are looking forward to Christmas, and there is something about the season that just has us all in good spirits, but our ashy elbows and flaking itching skin is not rejoicing with us.

Now, I love the Bath and Body Works, body butters and lotions. Their scents are just perfection and I am a vanilla fragrance addict, but my skin needs extra special care.

Sometimes sections of my skin can look and feel so dry you would think I was burnt. Adding a little coconut oil or baby oil to your lotion works for most, but for me that was not enough, as my skin won't look as healthy as I would have liked.

So I researched ingredients that would be good for individuals with eczema. For my base, I tried shea butter, and I must tell you that shea butter is the best thing known to woman. I absolutely love it!


I whipped it with a fork until smooth, and then I added three tablespoons of coconut oil and a few drops of lavender oil and whip together until smooth. Since I concocted this mixture, I have not looked back.

I have both acne and eczema, so I have areas where my acne breaks out and so I have to be careful as to the amount I use - but it is gentle enough for both conditions.

However, I have come to realise that coconut oil does not work on everyone's skin. It works wonderfully for me, but not for my sister. So I suggest that you rub it on a small area of your skin for a week to test if you have any allergic reaction to it. You can replace it with either argan oil or olive oil, which works just as well. Yes, I have tried those too. The argan oil seems to really help my skin get that healthy glow. You can even use one less tablespoon of coconut oil and replace it with argan oil if you so desire. The fragrance is even a bit more pleasant.

It is also great to have a moisturiser with a bit of sunscreen in it, and raspberry seed oil does have natural SPF properties, thus adding this to your mixture will go a far way.