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Skincare for Men

Published:Monday | October 31, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

While women are regarded as the fairer sex, men in all their strength and masculinity still need to be taken care of to keep their game up.

Therefore, we have gathered from WebMD a few skincare tips that men should consider:

Warm shower, not hot

As the climate gets cooler, we tend to want to take warmer showers; however, if you made it too hot, this can cause your skin more harm than good. The hotter the water and the longer you stay in the shower, strips away the natural oils, thus causing your skin to either become flaky, dry, scaly and even itchy. You need as much moisture as you can get, but hot water will not help.


Please, never take this for granted as men also need to moisturise their skin. To keep that face GQ-ready get a light FACIAL moisturiser if you have oily skin and a heavier cream if you have dry skin.

Try a cleanser,

not soap

If your face is sensitive or flaky, try to use a cleanser that does not include sodium lauryl sulphate, as it might further dry out your skin. Instead, you should go for products that have more oil-based properties such as glycerine, sunflower or soybean oils, or petrolatum. If your skin is oily, then you need something with natural bacteria-fighters like citrus, tea tree, or eucalyptus oils. However, the typical deodorant soaps are too drying for the thinner skin on your face.

Skip aftershaves

with alcohol

We all know that shaving scrapes away the top layers of skin cells. While it sounds harmful, this actually is good for clearing up breakouts and dryness, although it can also irritate your face. Thus, using a moisturiser will soothe the sting. Please avoid alcohol-based aftershaves, which can make it worse. Traditional aftershaves were meant to kill germs and prevent infection from nicks. But with today's razors, cutting yourself is less common, and less of a risk than razor burn.

Pat dry

When you wash your face, please pat dry. Rubbing dries and irritates your skin.

Skip the scents

Man-made fragrances can irritate and dry the skin. Thus, it is best to go for unscented lotions and cleansers. Some men do well with natural scents like citrus or lavender.