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'Twas Trending

Published:Monday | October 31, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Murder, mayhem, injustice ... and we're not talking about Halloween. We have the inside scoop on all the happenings of last week in 'Twas Trending.


X6 Files Continue


This is a touchy one. Well the X6 Driver was found not guilty, ever since there has been a dark cloud over the case. The professionalism of the police has been questioned as well as certain testimonies. The circumstances are still a bit iffy and all we can say it: we wish the family of Khajeel Mais will eventually get some closure.


JC Killing


There is nothing that we can say to make it easier for anyone to accept the loss of Jamaica College student Nicholas Francis. It is so sad that at a time when it is so easy to get a smart phone, a child can be killed over a 'banger'. It is not only unfortunate, but truly heartbreaking. RIP Francis. Our condolences to the parents and the school.


Ciara the baby maker


Russell took no time to put a bun in Ciara's oven. Yaassssss! Go girl. It is yet to be decided whether the cutie will be on #teamblue or #teampink. But what we do know is that this bundle to be will be a beautiful addition to this already adorable family.


Drake and Taylor?


So the grape vine is allegedly spreading rumours of a Drake and Taylor collaboration and we ain't talking bout music. Taylor was introduced to the rapper's mom at his 30th birthday party and the bees started buzzing of a relationship? Really guys? Don't you introduce friends to your mother? Are you guys trying to start up bad blood? Taylor doesn't seem to be ever calling Drake on his cell phone and neither will be waiting to give her his love: the two are just friends.