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Danielle Joseph powered her way through cancer with faith in God

Published:Monday | November 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Danielle and her three children: Olivia Brown (6), Lexi Tracey (15), and Jaheem Richards (11).
A smiling Danielle after receiving her good news.
Danielle Joseph receiving her final chemo treatment.

Upon getting a diagnosis of cancer, most persons start panicking at what is seen as a death sentence.

But not for 33-year-old single mother of three, Daniel Joseph. Earlier this year on March 11, Joseph discovered a lump in her right breast.

Accompanied by her mother, she went to the doctor who informed her that she had stage two breast cancer. Instead of crumbling, Joseph drew for the one thing that had seen her through some of her most difficult times - her faith.

"I declared the healing scriptures in my life because, yes, I know what the doctors say, but whose report will I believe? Definitely the report of the Lord, and His report said I am healed," she affirms.

It wasn't always easy holding on to that faith, but she said the support she received from her family and members of her church in Florida, gave her the additional strength she needed.

"When things got difficult during chemotherapy, my children always encouraged me to stay strong and keep smiling. I had to take 16 chemo treatments which wasn't the easiest thing for me," she confessed to Flair.

As she went through the changes of losing her hair, her taste, weight, and the changing of the colour of her hands and feet, and mood swings - it became difficult to hold the faith - but hold on she did.

"I fought this disease with my children in mind. I stayed positive in every way I possibly could," she said.

After completing her 26 weeks of treatment, she had to go in for another test which would determine if the cancer cells were still present in her breast.

Although she was hanging on to faith, she said she couldn't help feeling a bit nervous. When her oncologist finally told her the results, Joseph said it was like the floodgates of joy were opened in her heart.

"When she said 'Dani, no cancer', I started dancing and hugged her so tight! We were both happy and excited overjoyed and all the happy things you can think of. She said, 'Prayers worked, Dani.' I replied, 'Yes, Doc complete healing in Jesus' name," she recalled, voice filled with emotions as she relived the moment.

Joseph said there are no words to describe the way she felt driving home that day as she just could not wait to get home and embrace her children and share the good news that their mother would be OK.

Joseph said she has to do a surgery to clean the area as well as to retest the lymph nodes followed by a few rounds of radiation, but she is not worried about that.

"I know my God is the God who watches over His words to completion," said Joseph who is originally from Mount Charles District in Mavis Bank St Andrew.

Having grown up in a Christian family, in September of 2009, she decided to fully embrace Christ as her Saviour. She got baptised at the St Andrew Bethlehem Reform Church of Christ, before migrating to the United States shortly after.

The Convent of Mercy Alpha Academy past student is now reaching out to those who may have just got this frightening news or who may be fighting the disease to stay positive as this, she said, is the key.

"Have faith in God, stay positive and be happy you are healed - put your faith to work."