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DIY Jo: Feed your hair with moisture

Published:Monday | November 7, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
My new concoction for my hair.

Having a healthy scalp it awesome for hair growth, but you have to ensure that you also take care of your hair.

Now, while I've tried to improve my scalp and got my eczema under some form of control, I must admit that getting my hair well moisturised was not so easy. I did my research trying to figure out what I can use, and I kept seeing all that was wrong and very little corrective measures. At some points, it seemed like everything was wrong. I found some products that I loved like Root of Nature by Softsheen Carson, but I could not help myself - I had to create my own.

I researched oils and butters that was supposedly great for natural hair (never knew that my hair would turn me into a mixologist), trying to come up with the best hair liqueur - and at last I did.

It was awesome finding out that a few of the things that I use on my skin are also perfect for my hair, such as the shea butter, argan, and coconut oil. So I started with these, and while I had the shine, my hair did not detangle as easily as I would like. So I went back to the water. No I did not spritz it in my hair (not an option).

What I did was add a little to the mixture and whip it like I never whipped before. The very texture of the mixture changed - it was a bit more spongy and smooth. I did not add a lot - a little does go a far way - approximately 10 per cent of your mixture. When I applied it to my hair, it also helped with detangling, and still managed to give my hair the moisture and softness that it needed.

It was another great project, and I started looking forward to. I have mixed and matched with the formula, and so can you, but ensure you add water.

Please note that I did not use tea tree oil or Castor oil in my mixture. The lack of Castor oil is because I hate the scent and it thickens my hair my hair needs absolutely no more body. You can try it but be cautious, I have heard several complaints that it changes the texture of the hair making it coarse. I use it on my scalp only when I am doing a hot oil treatment. When it comes to tea tree oil, it is great on the scalp but makes my hair trashy when applied directly to the strands so I do not put it in my mixture.

Have fun mixing.