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Kelly's World | The world still has some good people

Published:Monday | November 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM

When everything that can go wrong does go wrong (and it always seems to), it's always great to have a good Samaritan around.

Now the Jamaican bobsled team had a little mishap the other day on their way to Calgary (yep they were in Canada) for an event (they're trying to get to the 2018 winter Olympics). The van they were using decide say it nah go nuh further. Just stop braaps pon di man dem! But along comes Canadian David Schnerch, who tried to give the team a jump-start with his booster cables. Would the vehicle budge? Nope. So Schnerch just drive dem to Calgary himself.

Hold on, it gets better. After making it to their race, the team had to travel to another town in another province. Based on what Google tells me, that trip was a 10 hour-plus, nearly 1,000 kilometre drive. Remember now, di van nah work. So Schnerch just tek di good neighbour thing to another level and promptly lend di man dem fi him own vehicle. Anyway, after the quirky road trip made the news, a team spokesperson said a local car rental agency donated some cash and a van so they could get to their next race.

Now look at dat, eeh? Stories like this warm my (at times icy) heart. It's kinda how you envisioned people should treat each other when you were growing up.

Too bad that isn't the case, especially these days. This bredda coulda just kept his head straight while driving and gone about his business. And nobody could have blamed him




In this day and age, you can't be too careful regardless of the age, race, or gender of the people seemingly in distress. How many times have we heard of persons who were trying to help what they thought was a crisis, only to be held up and robbed or worse? David Schnerch, you are officially the boss! Any time you a touch Jamaica side, I hope the bobsled team takes you out and show you the sights (although it sounds like dem pocket not so deep).

And that's my next issue. I get it that we can't fund every national sports programme adequately. I get it. But dem ting deh look bad. The team is working hard to make it to the Olympics and while I get that this is no easy feat, and that success only comes from hard work and sacrifice, it nuh supposed to be this hard. The spokesperson said they are on a shoestring budget. Well I get that but, man, it just sounds like they got the worst van in the car lot. Or maybe dem did just salt. Maybe the van was working good good before it decide say it nah bodda.

A GoFundMe account (I need one myself) was launched after the team tweeted about its mishap so people a try help out. I hope after all this, we see the team a march out when the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics begin in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

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