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Women in energy debuts out west

Published:Monday | November 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM
From left: Audrey Williams, Joylett Walker-Clocken, Patrica Beckford-Linton and Detommie Sergeant.
Winsome Callum (left) director corporate communications and Heather Lawrence.
Pricella Dawson (left) with Nicole Goodin.
Dr Sandra Knight (left) shares the spotlight with Kelly Tomblin, president and CEO of JPS.
From left: Pauleen Reid, Rochelle Reid-James, Sharisse Robinson and Dejhah James.
The beautiful quartet of, from left, Christina Dunbar, Angella Bennett, Sharon Singh and Ophelia Sinclair.
Women releasing what do not serve them by tossing their negative emotions, written in a letter, into the fire.
President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gloria Henry (left) is all smiles with Dr Sandra Wright.
From left: Veronique Beckford-Scott, Natesha McKay, Heather Lawrence and Kadian McNeil-Ellis.
From left: Leantonette Gordon-Campbell, Roxana Masters and Veronique Beckford-Scott.


It was an atmosphere of Sisterhood - a group of women coming together, not to party, not to gossip, not to market products!

This was how Sharon Singh described her day spent with the Jamaica Public Service Company's Women In Energy 'Release' gathering on the grounds of the Palms of Palmyra, Rose Hall, Montego Bay, last Sunday, November 13.

"We came together to bond, to share, to release! We spoke of burdens, of issues, of situations that were holding us back and preventing us from being the phenomenal women we were destined to be," Singh told The Flair.

Led by JPS regional director, west, T'Shura Gibbs, the event embracing women from all walks of life, had the group sharing a session that identified negative emotions on the Emotional Guidance Scale such as anger, pessimism, doubt, blame, and insecurity.

Gibbs encouraged her guests to identify and release all the things that stand in the way of them being their best selves. The talks surrounded the loss of loved ones, divorce, death and the struggles faced with their children and relationships with family.

This was followed by guided meditation, after which each participant wrote a private letter to themselves or an individual in their lives, releasing the negative emotions. The women then symbolically destroyed these emotions by tossing the letters into a fire set up for that purpose. "We wrote on paper all the hindrances, all the guilt, the struggles," admitted Singh.

More than two hours of sharing, crying, and hugging. Beautiful successful women who were struggling with situations and were speaking about it for the first time, gave Singh a real eye opener.

"You see her, well dressed, and successful, but she needs a shoulder to cry on," the 2016 Restaurant Week ambassador argued.

Then it was time to focus on the upward spiral of the Emotional Guidance Scale, as participants resolved to focus on the positive emotions they would embrace, as part of their journey forward, including passion, optimism, contentment, love, appreciation, and thankfulness.

The location provided the perfect backdrop for release and renewal. The sounds of the gentle breeze and the sea made conversation easy, as women from across Jamaica shared and networked with one another - all willing to share, learn, and inspire.

The Women in Energy movement began with its inaugural conference in March this year, and Sunday was its inaugural staging in western Jamaica. The movement has continued to grow, embracing women outside of the field of energy, and providing a forum for growth, mentorship, and empowerment among women who are seeking personal and professional growth.

The next WIE conference is scheduled for March 9-10, 2017.