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Javane Lawrence - Securing a Legacy

Published:Monday | November 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Javane Lawrence
Javane Lawrence
Javane Lawrence
Javane Lawrence

Something changes when you are a father, and while the entrepreneurial blood runs through his veins, Javane Lawrence was inspired to leave a legacy for his son Khalani, the motivation behind starting KSJL Security Protection Services.

KSJL - the initials of his son's name Khalani Shiloh Javane Lawrence - Security Protection Services is a Security Company that officially started in March and offers close-protection services, security for events, static locations, armed and unarmed security, as well as 24-hour security service.

The security business was something that Lawrence had always been passionate about. It is a version of customer service and knowing that he is helping someone with something that he holds dear. Knowing that there are people depending on him is a great motivation for Lawrence.







There is nothing that is more rewarding to him than knowing that his customers are satisfied with a job well done.

Admittedly, starting KSJL has not been a bed of roses for him since there are so many security companies out there that people already are familiar with. Thus, he believes that he has to work twice as hard to be remembered or recognised.

"If you are not focused, it is easy to get off track, but it boils down to passion. I am a passionate person and I have a passion for my company, so I put everything into it. It's my baby," his face lit up as he told Flair.

He even went on to explain that it has now become second nature for him to be looking at construction sites and new businesses as he drives to offer his services. However, it has not deterred him. Being an entrepreneur is something that he had always seen himself doing. The hard work that comes with it, is not something that scares Lawrence, after all, it is something he saw his parents master.

His father, Walton Lawrence, had his own trucking business and his mother, Gloria, was a vendor. Both travelled frequently and Lawrence saw how extremely hard they worked when he was a child. They did their best to get give him and his siblings all they needed while growing up. This also inspired him to work hard.

While he understood the nature of his parents' jobs, it still was a strain especially as he grew older. Then, at 10 years old, Lawrence had to face something that no child should - the loss of his mother.

It was not something he dealt with well, and for years, it was not something he spoke about. He had always shied away from questions or conversations among friends about their mothers. However, it was harder to hide when it came to parent-teacher meetings when his mother would not be there and his father would be away on business. It was never easy, but he managed to cope and grew a thick skin, as a result, he makes it a point of duty to strike a balance when it comes to his son.

While he is building a foundation for him, he does not want to miss the special moments.

"We speak about everything. I do not hide anything from him because I want him to be prepared to face the world when he is older and I want him to be able to speak to me about anything," Lawrence told Flair.

Lawrence has great expectations for KSJL as he hopes to see it become a household name in Jamaica within the next five years, while extending to the wider Caribbean.

He advises youths to never give up on their dreams and to put God first, allowing Him to pilot their lives. He also urged against allowing people to keep you away from your dreams.

"Do not allow anyone to strain your mind and energy. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people that motivates you," he told Flair.