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Twas Trending

Published:Monday | November 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Step into the world of what's hot and what's not on this week's 'Twas Trending.

Antigua Proposes Honeymoon to Royal Couple (Prince Harry and Megan Markle)

Just when you think the whole world is fighting against each other, someone stands in your corner. But Prince Harry didn't look too happy when the Prime Minister of Antigua proposed that he and actress, model Meghan Markle choose their country as their honeymoon destination. As a matter of fact, he looked awkward allegedly turning red at the offer. Whether or not nuptial are in the works very soon for this couple, let's slow the roll for a bit, and give the lovebirds some space to breathe, time to date and get to know each other. Or at least wait until they have announced their engagement.

Slip of the teeth

They always say if you slip, you slide. But if you're a sharp catcher, then you should have no problems. In a television interview last week, a young man who shall remain nameless, in explaining the conditions of his community in an interview, caught his false teeth dropping out of his mouth mid conversation, and continued his cry for justice. He must've wanted to be a cricketer, because that catch was timed to perfection. Thankfully, social media captures everything so those who missed it had the luxury of playing it over and over again. A part of the novelty in doing so is to catch him in the act because if you blinked, you probably would've missed it.

Tragic bus ride

No one, let alone preschoolers, would ever want the last words they'll ever hear to be, "Are you ready to die?" But a parent's worse nightmare became a reality when allegedly, five children experienced just that while heading home on the Chattanooga school bus last week in Tennessee. According to survivors, the bus driver apparently uttered those five lethal words as he accelerated, making a corner then hitting the curb, crashing into a tree and subsequently flipping over. At least 12 other students from the incident remain in the hospital in critical and stable conditions. And the driver has since been charged for reckless endangerment and manslaughter, among others. Our deepest condolences go out to the families and friends in mourning over this unfortunate tragedy.

You Name It Challenge: Perfect timing

When Gospel Singer Shirley Caesar was testifying in church recently, she surely had no idea that they would remix her words to create a catchy foodie song just in time for Thanksgiving. Everyone has since been singing and dancing to "I got greens, beans potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, ham, you name it!" Caesar who had since learned of her 'hit jingle' has been a good sport about it, responding favourably in the media. Just goes to show you, you name it and she'll deliver.

The Dub challenge

From not knowing what's up to transformational 'glo up', people have been participating in the Dub Challenge, sharing embarrassing or completely adorable then or then and now photographs of themselves, making the challenge a viral success! Have you tried the dub challenge?

G.O.A.T drops mic on James Corden

In a highly anticipated Olympic rap battle with the greatest of all time, Usain Bolt, won gold over James Corden, who had to settle for the silver. His punchlines beat his record-breaking time on the track and the athlete who had no choice but to proudly defend his crown, adding icing on the cake when he dropped the mic on the television host and singer, in his own territory. Way to go, Bolt!

Kanye West's sanity goes south

After going off in rant mode on friends Jay-Z and BeyoncÈ, it seems Kanye West has gone off into the deep end and has been admitted to the UCLA Medical Centre. Up to late last week, he remained hospitalised, with the initial issues of sleep deprivation and dehydration not being any of the reasons for his extended stay. His ride-or-die, Kim Kardashian, visited him the morning of Thanksgiving, international news reported, but then left his side to spend the evening with family. He has been through the wire before, so let's hope he gets the help he needs.