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Christmas angel

Published:Monday | December 5, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Do you hear what I hear? Christmas season is finally here! American singer Mariah Carey sang it best when she belted out All I Want For Christmas Is You. So what happens when you've already found your heaven sent, and decide to share in the holiday festivities? How do they tap into their inner angel? Do you wish them off away to the manger, where you were born and raised, to spend time with family?

Maybe he rewards you for being his Santa Baby or maybe you put him in such good spirits that it's Ding Dong Merrily on High the entire time? We asked a few of our cheery couples to take a stroll down memory lane and share with us the sweetest thing their Christmas angel has ever done for them during the season, or what they gave their significant other.

Well, my boyfriend got me a Guess watch with my name engraved on it. He knew how much I love my names engraved on things, so that was so sweet of him.

- A.W., female, 22.



For our first Christmas as a married couple, my wife, after many attempts without success to surprise me, finally succeeded with my absolute favourite cologne set (Kenneth Cole) hidden nicely in the closet. Now, it wasn't the gift per se that was special, but it was the efforts in trying to keep it a secret this time around, which worked.

- K.V., male, 33


I lost my jewellery, when they broke into my house in 2008 and stole them all, and I was sharing pictures of rings that I saw and couldn't afford at the time with my boyfriend. For Christmas, he kept apologising for not being able to get me anything. I was a little disappointed, but on New Year's Eve, he surprised me with the exact ring I wanted.

- N.E., female, 26


Well, I actually proposed to my girlfriend on Christmas Day. It never really had anything to do with Christmas, it was just that she was working in Montego Bay, and that's the day she returned home. So I drove down there, brought her home and asked her to marry me while her father recorded it. It turned out it will be a Christmas we won't ever forget.

- L.M., male, 35


My girlfriend, her family and I were in MegaMart weeks before Christmas. I still didn't know what I was going to get her. Her family has a tradition of giving people what they really want as gifts. When she passed the shoes section, she saw a pair of boots and instantly fell in love with it. She doesn't normally wear heels, so finding a pair of boots that had the right heel height was heavenly. We encouraged her to try it on to see if it would fit, even though she didn't plan on buying it. Knowing that it was a perfect fit, we rushed her to take it off and her mother told her it was the season of giving, not buying. When they moved on to the next aisle, I just borrowed the car keys from her mom and made it seem as if I was just wandering off to some random aisle. I went back for the boots, went straight to the cashier, got them and hid them in the car.

Her mother, knowing the plan, hid the shoes until it was Christmas. On Christmas Day, she screamed with excitement when she saw them, and thought it was so sweet that I had returned to purchase them. But she was informed that I had bought them right after she took them off. She leapt over and gave me a great big kiss.

- G.W., male, 29.


My husband and family put a huge smile on my face recently and had tears flowing from my eyes. Sitting in front of the Christmas tree, my Christmas gift came early as he got down on one knee and placed my new wedding rings on my fat finger telling me how much he loved me and is lucky to have me as his wife and the woman carrying our baby. I did not see this coming at all. I felt like I was in a movie. I am already emotional so you can only imagine how much I cried from getting this surprise. I love my rings but what I love even more is the time and thought that was put into planning this surprise. K.M., female, 27.

I hadn't seen my sister who lived overseas in a very long time. So when she came to visit, we spent an evening together just us two, and captured the priceless moment with photographs. The following Christmas, my husband, knowing how much I cherish my sister, took one of the photographs and got it pencil sketched and framed for me. I instantly cried at such a sweet sentiment. I will never forget it. MD female, 34.