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Dynamic Lifestyle | Keeping the pounds off this Christmas

Published:Monday | December 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The holiday season can make sticking to a consistent workout routine difficult. Between the cooler temperatures, shorter daylight hours, travelling to visit families, food-oriented gatherings and frantic shopping schedules, squeezing in physical activity is always tough. But staying active during the holidays can be easier and more fun than you think. We've compiled a list of five easy ways to squeeze in a workout during the holidays that will surely keep you active and keep those inches off.




The holidays can get so busy and hectic that an important activity such as exercise might simply fall by the wayside. To avoid forgetting about workouts, make exercise appointments on your calendar, and keep these appointments just as you would any other. Be realistic with your exercise goals, and be consistent. For example, if you're having trouble getting motivated, commit to at least 10 minutes of exercise per day. A 10-minute commitment may not seem like much, but it will help you start a routine. You also could commit to walking two miles.




Parking lots are notoriously crowded during the holiday season. You could turn that congested parking lot into an opportunity to burn some calories. If you're headed to the mall to do some holiday shopping, avoid those fiercely fought-over prime parking spots and park a little further out where space might be available. If you park five minutes away from the mall and walk briskly (at a pace of five miles per hour), you could burn about 75-100 calories.




Before you head directly to the store where you always buy gifts for the kids, take a quickly paced walk up and down the mall. In addition to getting your adrenalin going, you'll get in some extra exercise while you window-shop first. You might even spot some great deals that wasn't expected.




During the holiday season, you're likely to be around more children than usual. Take advantage of having the little ones around, and try to feed off of their holiday excitement. Instead of being burdened by the extra responsibilities of having tiny tots around, play with your nieces and nephews. You can chase the active toddlers around the house or take the older children on a walk around the neighbourhood.




During the holidays, working out can be difficult for persons who like to exercise outdoors. Taking a walk or going for a run might be next to impossible in these cold temperatures. Instead of being a couch potato, come up with a workout you can do inside. Climb up and down the stairs in your house for a good cardio workout or just do 10 minutes of core exercises daily to stay trim and keep that body tight during the holiday season.

You have worked all year to achieve your weight goals or simply just to get into on a routine towards changing your lifestyle. So not because it's the fun time of the year means we should slack off on our mission to be the best version of ourselves. That said, have a peaceful and wonderful holiday season with your friends and families. Just a reminder, for those who make New Year resolutions, remember a plan without action is still only a wish.

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