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Merry Fitmas

Published:Monday | December 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMKyrsta Anderson
A gym membeship is the pefect way to help your loved ones start off the New Year right.
Fitness trackers can be your best friend to keep you on the right path.

When you think of Christmas, feasting and frolicking immediately come to mind. But what of fitness? The world is changing and people are taking their well being seriously and so should you. So, taking in account the growing health industry, aspiring and veteran fitness lovers, this one is for you! Flair enlisted the expertise of personal trainer, Xavier Gray, to come up with a list of Christmas gifts that's all about fitness. So gear up gym buffs and let's the motivation begin!

Nutritional books

They often say a healthy lifestyle is 80 per cent nutrition, 30 per cent exercise, so how about gifting nutritional books to inspire their good health? Fit food for thought.

Home gym

With a hectic schedule, it's sometimes hard to reach the gym before or after work, but you could probably put in 45 minutes at home if you had the right tools. These include an ab wheel, a twister, a skipping rope, resistance band, a stability ball, or even light weights, five or 10 pounds. Every equipment could burn fat and build muscles, you just have to use it.

Fitness fashion

Who doesn't want to lose weight and look sexy doing it? I know I would. Treating those who love fitness gear with 'fitness centric' clothing could equate to a woman's acquiring the perfect little black dress. Imagine rewarding her with new tights and sports bras for going down a notch in size? You definitely would score brownie points in her book. And if she is not yet a fitness buff, these fashionable ensemble maybe just the motivation she needs to work up a sweat knowing she will look trendy doing it.

Diet Diary

Fitness instructors always encourage keeping a diary to document your intake on the road to good health. So sharing a cute little notebook with inspiring quotes on each page could encourage and motivate them to not give up on the process, and continue on a positive note.

CDs and DVDs

P90C, Shaun T and many other CDS and DVD have worked wonders in getting the fitness ball rolling in the healthy direction. So it should come as no surprise that they would also make for an ideal fitness gift for Christmas.

Gym Membership

Gym memberships are awesome to share with loved ones during this time of the year because it gives recipients the opportunity to start anew kicking off the new year in a positive direction.

Infused bottles

Fruits infused water bottle is the best gift for fitness lovers who crave flavour without wanting to over indulge in a full blown sugar rush. Buts its perfect for everyone to help them keep hydrated. In this case, a little can surely go a long way. Have a Merry Fitmas!