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Best of Flair | New Year New Sex

Published:Monday | December 26, 2016 | 12:05 AMKrysta Anderson

Dozens of sex and relationship stories were published last year, but you our faithful readers liked some more than others. One of the Flair favourites for 2016 was “New Year, New Sex,” a piece challenging individuals as well as couples to think and act outside of the box creating waves in their private spaces. 

So, 2016 is here, and you rang in the new year with your 'old' flame. Now, while many are busy fulfilling individual new year's resolutions, how about trying something different by awakening those cravings, fantasies, and desires, and sparking a 'new' flame with the love of your life? Here are a few tips on how to make some new year's resolutions between the sheets and beyond.

1 Make Kama Sutra your new best friend. Learn at least two new sex positions from the book each month. By the end of the year, you both would have mastered 24 techniques that would've taken you on a high to cloud nine and back.

2 Stage an affair with your love. I know cheating should never be condoned, but there's nothing wrong with cheating on your partner, with your partner. Set a date, a time, a location, and a name for the person that your significant other will meet, and go on an escapade with them for the 'first' time. Go home separately, and never speak of what was done behind closed doors. Whatever happens during that affair, stays within that affair.

3 Fulfil your partner's fantasy. Everyone has a fantasy — tap into what he or she really wants and you will definitely be loved even more for it. That will, in turn, draw you both even closer together as a couple.

4 Increase foreplay by introducing new games or even gadgets.

5 Watch porn, romantic movies, or read an erotic story together. There's nothing like incorporating the visual and the oral to stimulate the physical.

6 Role play. Police and thief, night nurse, and 'sick' patient, teacher and student. You name it, you can both play it out to full throttle.

7 Take sex outside of the bedroom. We all lead busy lives, but sometimes you can both take longer showers, steam things up in the kitchen, or start your own movie in the living room way before the credits start rolling on the one taking place on the TV.

8 Sex text and call throughout the day. It is guaranteed to be on and popping even before the door opens when you get home if you start the foreplay during the day. The earlier the better — send him or her a naughty text in the morning which will require a response. Keep this going throughout the day and in no time, you're home from work and getting busy with your special someone.

9 Sensual setting. After being together for a while, some couples tend to ditch the romance and head straight for the main event. Pause for a erotic cause and light scented candles, introducing your favourite fragrances, or use rose petals — whatever tickles the fantasy and let it flow from there.

10 Sexy massage. The right relaxing touch can ignite a sensational feeling, and you know what they say: when you get that feeling, you need sexual healing.

11 Go on a sex-cation. We all take vacations, why not go on a sex-cation. Take the time out to focus on your physical needs, coming up for air only when you need to.

12 Go Tantric. You will definitely have to do some research on this one. All I will say is this: it is the heights of ecstasy and if executed properly, could take your physical and emotional connection from zero to 100 real quick.

13 Edible arrangement. They say there is no sincere love than the love of food, so why not satisfy both cravings? Food for thought turned food for action. Integrate your favourite fruits and variety of toppings with your partner and have a feast.

14 Think impromptu. Planning can ruin the mood, and when things don't go according to schedule, it is time that you can no longer get back. Nothing says I want you or I need you like having your significant other right then and there.

15 Tap into you. We have all heard the experts point out that you should love yourself before you can love others. Now this can be two fold: Be sure to spend some time apart and take care of you. Deal with individual matters, get pampered, or even enjoy a boys' or a girls' night out. Let your partner miss you so that when he or she sees you, they can appreciate you once you've returned. Also, some partners actually wouldn't mind the added spice of seeing you tap into you just for them to watch and subsequently take over — something to consider.