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Sue-Ann Gordon: Creation of The Divinitii Nation

Published:Saturday | December 24, 2016 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Sue-Ann Gordon
Gordon, who uses the moniker Petite Sue Divinitii, is sometimes celled ‘superhuman’ by her followers,


Flawless make-up has become synonymous with the name Petite Sue Divinitii. A young lady driven to success by a series of unfortunate events, Sue-Ann Gordon relates the story behind her passion and determination to be the best in her craft, landing her story in the top spot of the Flair favourites for 2016.


Sue-Ann Gordon, a 23-year-old vlogger (video blogger), keeps working hard and building her dream, even after facing some very tough times.

Widely known across the YouTube community, Gordon, who uses the moniker Petite Sue Divinitii, is sometimes celled ‘superhuman’ by her followers, even though they do not know the struggles she has been through.

Gordon’s father was murdered when she was only 17 years old. He was the breadwinner of the family and the teenager felt that in his absence, she needed to provide for her mother and younger sister.

She had discovered her love for the arts in high school, and aspired to attend the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. But even though she had passed the audition to get in, she could not afford the school’s tuition fee.


Gordon enrolled in the National Youth Service, where she was trained as a teacher’s assistant. She then moved on to work as a data entry clerk at the Ministry of Education, and later left to do a stint as a graphic artist at the Creative Production and Training Centre Limited (CPTC).

In her downtime, Gordon would find herself searching YouTube for different beauty tutorials as she was fascinated by people’s ability to turn their faces into masterpieces.

“It’s an incredible capability to transform someone and enhance one’s beauty,” she said.

She was captivated by make-up artistry and started to practise on her mother and sister. Gordon felt a calling. In 2014, she resigned from CPTC and got certified in body artistry, bridal beauty and lash and brow threading, by Buntricia’s Total Package.

She created her own YouTube channel – Petite Sue Divinitii. There, she would showcase her skill and teach others how to do their make-up.

Gordon recalled that on Saturday evenings she would sit under a yellow light bulb and use her Samsung Galaxy phone to record herself trying different make-up styles. She would post the videos online and gain 15 to 20 views after a couple of hours.

Gordon was surprised that people were interested in her videos, and from there, she would begin to add music to her videos and create different ways to attract more followers to her beauty channel. The Petite Sue Divinitii channel now carries, along with its tutorials, hair, makeup, clothes and product reviews, and a makeover series.


In 2014, when she gained 2,500 subscribers, Gordon became a member of the Fullscreen Incorporated Network, which would pay her a fee to do what she enjoyed the most. This helped her to support her family. Gordon then decided to start a vlog channel.

Her vlog channel, Petite-Sue TV, has become the more popular of her two channels, as her daily routines proved to be of great interest to her viewers. She started to call her followers the Divinitii Nation.

The name Divinitii was inspired by her best friend and love of her life – Divine. He is a major part of her life, and with his help and support, she was able to build and grow her channels.


Gordon has achieved a lot since her entrance into the make-up world, and though she admitted that the industry is not what she expected, she is still determined to continue serving her over 97,000 subscribers and the people who depend on her to ‘glam’ them up.

“Being a make-up artist is challenging because other make-up artists don’t support you. They try to bash your work. Even though it is challenging, I still look ahead and do what I have to do. My dad died without being able to achieve his dreams, and for that reason I am inspired to work hard to achieve mine,” Gordon shared with Flair.

She said she still has even bigger dreams. In the future, she wants to further her knowledge in the industry and become a make-up artist for the theatre world. She is also committed to furthering the Divinitii Nation’s brand with T-shirts and hats.