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Buy, Keep, Toss for 2017

Published:Monday | January 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Slay like a sun ray, like Natasha Lee- Duhaney.
Natalia Oh says to keep those nudes, and why not? It’s the sexiest shade ever known to man.
A bra top is a must-buy for 2017, according to Carey.
Darien Robertson/Freelance Photographer Jennifer Azan believes we should keep these sexy yet classy off the shoulders.
File Please sequins, make it stop! We completely agree with Tamia Carey.
This dress from the Tamia Carey Collection is a double keep as it has two things that Carey believes should be kept for the new year – colour and showing the shoulders.
Satin has made its run, time to toss. Jennifer Azan has placed these in her toss category.

Happy New Year, everyone! We are all in resolution mode trying to figure out what is it we would love to change and trade in for the new year.

When it comes to fashion, this new year we should ask ourselves one question: What should we keep, buy or toss? To help you with that dilemma, we asked stylist Natalia Oh, designer Tamia Carey, and Flirt Boutique owner Jennifer Azan what will be on their buy, toss and keep list for 2017.



• Bow front tops is a plus.

n Palazzo or flair pants is back.

n Stripes are adorable.

n Nautical elements will be in.

n Sorbet shades in everything from nail polish to fabric is a must.


n Overly distressed jeans. Please note the key word is 'overly', a little can be kept.

n Excessive nudity in formal wear. This is the year of a little goes a long way.

n Transparent shoes.

n Low-rise jeans - not figure flattering at all.

n Forget the fur - bags, key chains, shoes, fur everything.

n It's also time to say farewell to the bucket bags and excessive fringe.


n Please keep these chic bardot or off the shoulder tops.

n Midi-length skirts are going absolutely nowhere.

n Flowery embellishments are a must.

n Delicate lace should remain a staple in your closet.

n Anything nude, from lace to silks to cashmere, you cannot go wrong.


Keeping your closet and style fresh is always recommended, but that doesn't mean it has to be out with the old and in with the new. Here is what is hot and what's not in the year to come:


n Stripes: Stripes are making a comeback! The bolder the better. If you only have the smaller stripes, no worries, banker stripes have also found their way on to the runway this year.

n Throw overs: This look is not going away. Its ability to be dressed up or remain casual has made the classic throw over a staple.

n Yellow: It seems yellow is the colour of spring this year, so keep all those shades of sunshine you are about to slay like a sun ray.

n Shoulders: Off the shoulder, one shoulder, half a shoulder - shoulders are in! Keep anything you have that shows them off.

n Animal prints: They always come back in style.

n Oversized and flowing garments: That big shirt you can pair with a nice pair of jeans or that flowing skirt you can dress up and down. As long as they are the right colour they will flow perfectly into 2017.

n Sheer: Simply put, this style isn't going anywhere.


n Sequins: There's no space for these during spring.

n Denim leggings: We are talking about those stretchy, elastic-waist, pocketless monstrosities that have all the worst parts of a jeans and leggings in one unflattering garment.

n Shoes: Frump pumps

With the round toe, tapered heel, and hidden platform, these seldom flatter the feet of any woman.

n Shrunken jackets: Why anyone would want to wear something that deliberately doesn't fit is strange. This fad has thankfully faded away.


n Bra tops: Baring your midriff will be a thing this spring.

n Ruffles: Not just any ruffles, but cascading ruffles from the waist down was seen all over runways for the Spring collections.

n Ankle bling: Delicate anklets are so passÈ. Designers are all about the bling, think more like diamond ankle cuffs.

n Extra long belts: They are back in style and it's time to let them hang.


In reality, no style ever really dies. If your garments are in good condition, you can store until they come back in style. Whatever you decide to do, remember to keep it fresh.


n I would toss satin, definitely sequins.

n Everything suede - dresses and tops are an absolute throw away.


n I would keep off the shoulder and ruffles. Cold shoulder tops and dresses should remain in your closets for 2017.

n Last, but not least, of course, distressed jeans should be kept.


n Khaki is a must-buy.

n Neon tops and pants are things that you should invest in during the coming year.

n And please remember to grab a nice pleated dress.