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Kelly's World | Adios 2016

Published:Monday | January 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM

First up, I have to apologise that there are no Kelly's World Awards for 2016.

I know, I know. I'm disappointed as well. But if Sting can nuh keep, den di likkle absence of Kelly's World Awards won't kill the brand too badly (hopefully). Maybe if likkle more funding come een mi can do a thing mid-2017.

But anyway. Time for a confession. The year 2016 was a mixed one for me.

I had some triumphs, and they weren't too bad. In fact, a few times I wondered if 2016 might actually have turned out to be my year. But the defeats were crushing. And I mean like a container down at the wharf falling on you crushing. I feel like a boxer who just got his brain pummelled for 12 rounds and the only reason the referee didn't stop the fight was because he liked the sight of blood.




You know they say you're supposed to grow as an individual? Well, I have grown sideways. Probably shrunk a little in the height department from walking with my neck down, too. Oh well, not like I was going to get any taller anyway. However, looking back on 2016, I can say with extreme

certainty that I don't look at things the same way I did in 2015. Too bad my outlook has got worse.

What I saw (too) much of in 2016 was everything that's wrong with the world. And it didn't really sit well in my stomach. Or maybe that queasy feeling in my guts is from all the food I ate over the Christmas holiday. Either way, it wasn't much fun at times.

People tell you all the time to 1) be yourself, 2) to not care about what other people think, and 3) just enjoy life. All of this is tremendous advice. It's the type of advice that a father would give to a son, and so on. It's the advice I give to others. But apparently, I'm not drinking my own lemonade. For the record, I can't drink lemonade because of my citrus allergies (who has that?). But you know what I mean.

The toughest thing about the year, though, was that sometimes people tried to help but inadvertently made things like 10 times worse. It's like those commercials that advertise a drug to help fight stress, but the side effects make the stress look like a minor cold. I totally understand why some people don't give advice, because you always have a tuff head like me who just can't seem to follow it.

So how do I move forward in 2017? Well, I've come to the conclusion that other than doing the three things I mentioned earlier, there are two really big things I can do (try). The first is to not let stuff bother me. I admit this is going to take some doing because I get really annoyed over 'simple' stuff, like if I see a driver switching lanes every 10 seconds.

But the major thing I can do? Mind. My. Own. Damn. Business. Can't lose.

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