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Make-up bag revamp - 2017

Published:Monday | January 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
While going through your make-up bag, you will be amazed how many products you have that you just don’t use or ones that have just simply expired.

Two thousand and seventeen is finally here. Happy New Year, everyone! Since so many of you have cleaned out your closets for the new year, why not take a similar approach where beauty is concerned, and give your make-up bag an upgrade as well?

Flair is here to save the day by offering you a few tips on the 'must-haves' and the 'must toss' for the new year.

1 Stop the lip gloss hoarding. Remember that lip gloss you bought and that other one a friend gave you that is not really your thing, but you feel bad throwing it away? Well, it is time to say, 'so long, farewell'. You do not need four lip glosses in the same shade, and if you have not touched it in the past six to seven months, you are probably not going to use it. If the colour starts separating, then the time has come to dump it as well.

2 The same goes for lipsticks. If you have had them for more than six months and have not used them, then toss them. However, if you haven't taken a wild ride into the vintage chic world of colour, and want to break into the world of lipsticks and/or stains, then there are two colours I recommend you try first - nude and red. Red might sound bold, but it's not if it is one of those amazing colours that go with almost any complexion. If you want to keep it subtle, try nude. These two shades will carry you through for 2017.

3 Beauty blender: I do not care how many brushes you have, you need to add a beauty blender to your bag. We're not talking about just any sponge; we're talking about a beauty blender. Not any old sponge will do. They are not the same - they do not work the same. A beauty blender is the only sponge to have and keep.

4 Mascara: If you have been using the same mascara for the entire year, toss it. Even if it is not quite finished. It's said that you should not own one for more than three months. With that said, you really should not be using something so close to your eyes for over a year. After six months, they usually start to clump, and that should be a sign to give it the boot. So, anything over six months, please toss.

5 Primer: Just like how your nails needs a base coat, and your skin needs sunscreen, you face needs some protection from the chemicals in your make-up, (that might be irritants) and the clogging of pores which comes as a side effect of usage. Not every primer is for you, so if you have oily skin, you shouldn't choose an oil-based primer because this will definitely make things worse. Find one that works for your skin type. There are many on the market and one out there just for you.

6 Throw out old brushes. You know how they say, 'out with the old, in with the new'? Well, apply that principle to your brushes, too. If your make-up brushes are shedding, then, honey, they've got to go!

7 Clean your brushes. This is not a must have or toss, but rather, a must. Some take for granted that because we are the only ones using the tools, then it's OK to delay washing. It is not. Residue from the make-up needs to be removed as often as possible to prevent breakouts. Ensure that you schedule a plan to do it at least once a month.

8 Eyeliner: Step away from the sharpened pencil eyeliners. Invest in retractable pencils - they go on smoother, without the hassle of sharpening. You can even use the liquid or gel if you desire. But please throw the pencils away.

9 Eye shadows: Without a 'shadow' of a doubt, you should have at least a smokey eye palette. It does not have to be a dramatic black. Add some glow to your eyes and pull them into the window of your soul.

10 Nail polish: Yes, this is not a make-up tip, but it's a beauty tip. You should own at least one nude or pastel nail polish. It could even be a nail hardener. Show those fingers you appreciate the work they do daily because you really could not do without them.