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New Year’s Resolution: Between the sheets

Published:Monday | January 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Normally, when someone makes a New Year's resolution, it takes the form of losing weight or quitting bad habits. But what happen to starting anew when it comes to your relationship?

Well, here are a few realistic sex and relationships goals to make in order to spark a new flame in your love life:


We all get vacations from work. Why not take a baecation dedication to just the two of you? There should be no limit to what you can or can't do.


If he normally takes you out, then you take him out every now and then, and pick up the bill. And if she normally cooks dinner, then you make her dinner, then have her for dessert.


Now, here's your sexual encyclopedia - they have more than 100 positions, so you would have no excuse if you both have that book. Be open to trying new experiences and positions. Have fun with it.


This advice functions twofold. You can't sit down and stay single forever. Try a new approach to dating, by not dating at all. Just focus on socialising and meeting new and interesting people. Who knows? He or she may find you when you least expect it. But they can't see you if you're cooped up at home all the time. So play dress up and go out. For our couples, if you have a specific restaurant you always go to, make a switch. Set new and exciting dates together based on your shared or individual interests - it could be a sip and paint, a massage for two, a game of paintball, or tickets for two to attend a sporting game of his or her choice. If he or she names it, then at least try it. There is no such thing as having too much fun.


Nothing screams let's get it on more than when you put on a show for him. Purchase some lingerie, put on those heels and surprise him with his very own private party. Be sure to have him undress you, but keep those heels on for an added erotic effect.


The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so imagine if you took that into the bedroom! Then you hold the key to ultimate stimulating pleasure. Oh, and edible underwear are definitely the icing on top of the mouth-watering cake. Fellas, she may crave something sweet, so satisfy her hunger by giving her exactly what she wants. Food for thought.


There is always the naughty nurse and yearning patient, or the sexy schoolteacher and teacher's pet. But how about this? Be his Jane for the night and you be her John. Go out to the same place separately, and meet each other at the bar, and seek each other out all over again. If you've both liked what you've heard for the night, then take the after-party elsewhere.


To know your partner is to love him or her. That also means knowing what they've always desired. So, if you're man or woman enough, you could fulfil that long-awaited fantasy for them.


This definitely adds spice to seasoned lovers. Roll those love dices, pick the right cards, or it could be a classic game of truth or dare. Do you dare to try them this year?


We all know that before the main course, you always have appetisers. So since foreplay is the precursor to lovemaking, if you want to increase the frequency under which you both get busy, you also have to amp up your flirting game.

Send naughty texts or direct messages from work and be as tantalising as you want to be. It takes two to tango, so be an active participant and see where the day or the night takes you.