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12 Months of Orgasm

Published:Monday | January 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

The New Year has already started, but it isn’t too late to get steamy and make more new year’s resolutions, as far as getting physical is concerned.

Inspired by the Sun, who provided their very own sex calendar for 2017, we asked Comedian Dutty Berry, Chef Noel Cunningham, Financial Adviser Marlon Campbell and Doctor and Singer Mario Evon how they felt about some of the tips shared by the publication. Welcome to the Flair’s 12 months of orgasm.



Getting it on while standing

That's understandable. Not everybody has a bed to sprawl out on. But you can’t go and just stand up for the entire time, you must get tired and cry ‘cree’ at some point.

- Dutty Berry



Getting blindfolded

Shutting down one sense really heightens the other. If you're looking for that missing pleasure, you should get a blindfold to turn on the others. When you can't see what's happening, it will put your focus on what's coming and create more anxiety in the body.

- Noel Cunningham



The use of sex toys

Jamaican men stereotype toys as for people who can’t perform, but I don't see how getting something that aids in giving your partner pleasure can be bad.

- Marlon Campbell


Dirty weekend away together

This is for rich people. Where hotel money a go? Most of us book dirty weekends right in own yard because nobody has time for chores when hormones kick in. Dirty plates in the sink, mud on tile. It doesn’t get any dirtier than that. 

- Dutty Berry



Dirty talk

Talking dirty is very important in the bedroom because it creates excitement in the body. You want to make sure when talking dirty that you're pretty comfortable with who you're with since it can backfire and haunt you in the long run. It should be natural and real, not just talking what you want the opposite sex to hear. The details can be a turn off or on, so know what you saying.  Dirty talk works if you like talking during sex.

- Noel Cunningham



Toe sucking goodies

I guess some people feel the need to step their kinky game up to stand out. Toes sucking makes you edgy I guess: by 2020 I think elbow licking will be the new craze.

- Dutty Berry



Have sex when you don’t feel like it

There will be times when your partner doesn't feel like having sex. There should be the understanding that at times you will be doing it solely for your partner’s pleasure. As long as it doesn't become the norm, then fine. Relationships are about compromise. Always. You should also be understanding though: you won't always get it when you want.

- Marlon Campbell



Holiday Loving

Extra loving definitely happens during the holidays. There are so many parties/events where people can connect and reconnect. Holiday shagging is a fact, not a myth.

- Mario Evon



Spooning it

Spooning is great for those 'make-up' nights (or Netflix and chill nights). When you start with a cuddle, her hips thrusted against my body, and back against my chest and she can feel my every breath of approval against her neck.

- Mario Evon



Trading places

I'm open to most things in the bedroom. Routine is the killer of a good sex life so always be open to trying something new or modifying something not so new. Keep it interesting. And, why stick to the bedroom. In the words of dance hall philosopher Adidja Azim Palmer, bed is not for sex, bed it for bedtime.

- Marlon Campbell



Try a love ring

A love ring is OK if used properly in the bedroom. It enhances the sexual pleasure by retaining the increase blood volume. Its 2017, so why not? It's the year to be bold.

- Noel Cunningham



Massage candle?

I don’t use massage candles, I think I work better with oils. Speaking of massage, go buy yourself a Hitachi Magic Wand: thank me later.

- Marlon Campbell