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Andrew and Alicia seal the deal

Published:Monday | January 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
The happy couple after exchanging vows.
The beautiful glowing bride.
The happy couple cutting their wedding cake.
The couple's beautiful wedding cake.
The two became one. Alicia and her husband, Andrew, seal it with a kiss.
Senior Medical Officer at the Cornwall Regional Hospital Dr Delroy Fray about to give Alicia to the one she has chosen.
The happy couple and their bridal party.

Some people fall in love with their best friends from childhood or a co-worker they never thought of giving the time of day. But for Alicia Swaby and Andrew Spencer, it could have very well been love at first sight.

It all began at an ATM in Kingston. Alicia was in a rush to use the machine and was just focused on getting in and out quickly. She was totally oblivious to the man in line who was intrigued by her beauty and gracefulness.

But she would soon notice him as he offered that she go ahead of him. "She was so warm and welcoming, I decided to give her my business card," Andrew told Flair. "She took two weeks to call, but when she did, we were both fond of each other."

The two became very good friends, and after a year, they started dating.

"Our first date was at The Pegasus hotel, and it was very romantic and relaxing. It was almost as if we had both known each other since birth," Alicia recalled.

The two continued dating for approximately three years before Andrew decided to pop the big question.




"I told her that we were going for dinner and that I wanted us to both dress in black. She thought we would be going to a particular restaurant, but I told her I needed to make a stop at the Spanish Court Hotel - I had everything prepared at the hotel from the day before. I had given them the ring and told them exactly how I wanted things to go."

Arriving at the hotel, Andrew pretended to be awed by the facility and told Alicia that they should just dine there instead of going elsewhere.

After their meal and a few glasses of wine, it was time for the big moment.

"I know that she really loves cheese cake, so the server was told to sell her the idea of the cheese cake. When the 'cake' arrived, there was a ring case on the plate instead of the cake. At that point, I went down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me," recalled Andrew.

"I shouted, 'Yes! Yes! Oh yes'! I laughed; I cried; I was ecstatic! I did have my cheese cake after, though, and we had a fantastic evening after at Yesterdays hits of the '80s and '90s at Mass Camp," recalled a jocund Alicia.

Preferring to wait until his fianceÈ completed medical school, Andrew waited almost two years to officially make Alicia his forever.

But the wait was worth it.

On December 4, the Spur Tree Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Mandeville, Manchester, was filled with warmth and love as close friends and family witnessed two becoming one.

The joy was evident in the mega-watt smiles and teary eyes.

Alicia's elegance and poise could not be missed as she glided effortlessly down the aisle on petals of the wedding's colour scheme - pink and light blue - to meet her sharply dressed knight in shining armour.

A public blessing was given by both sets of parents, with a special candle ceremony and the official signing of the registry before Mr and Mrs Swaby sealed it with a kiss.

A euphoric reception followed after at the Moorlands Estate Club House, with music from renowned violinist Jessica Yap filling the air.

After the reception, the couple jetted off to their honeymoon at the Iberostar Hotel.