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Fashion newbie: Finding your sense of style

Published:Thursday | January 5, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
The white button-down shirt and denim jeans is a perennial classic. For a casual chic vibe with a dash of edge, pair feminine pieces such as a floral necklace with a structured handbag and distressed denim.
Contributed photo Never be afraid of trying out fun, playful pieces like a lemon printed blazer. Pair with coloured shorts to pick up the yellow in the blazer and keep accessorizing to a minimum to avoid overcrowding the look.
A simple blush pink dress styled with strappy nude shoes screams ultra feminine. A gold clutch with stud detailing and diamond open choker necklace adds some pizzazz to the look.

Are you the type who never worry much about the latest fashion trends or what you wear? If you are but have come to a stage in your life where you'd like to try and discover your own signature style, it can seem daunting.

So if you're a complete fashion newbie and want to know how to develop your own sense of style, we got some simple pointers from stylist and fashion blogger, Ashleigh Barnes. These stylish and fabulous in no time.

1. Step out of your comfort zone

In order to find out what you really like, you have to try it out! Don't be afraid to push beyond the usual. Experimentation plays an important role in developing your style. Play around with different silhouettes and colours, and from there you will gradually figure out what you like and what you don't.

Visit clothing stores, build and try on multiple outfits, and take photos if you can. It's a simple way to help you see how an outfit looks on you, what you would change, and what you like, without spending a dime. You can always go back and purchase it if you really like something.

2. Consider your body type when selecting styles

Sure there are lots of trends we'd love to try out, but it is very important to focus on shapes or details that flatter your physique. What fits your favourite celebrity in the magazine, may not necessarily look the best on your body. For example, if you have an hourglass shape, focus on pieces that highlight your curves. For example, belted jackets show off a petite waist, and pencil skirts accentuate curves.

3. Buy basic pieces and accessories

It's incredible how accessorising and mixing pieces can help your look unique. It is easy to pair a white tee with a basic pair of jeans for a classic look, but the shoes and accessories you add can take it to another level. Its easy to get creative with accessories when you are trying to create your very own style. If you are leaning towards an edgier look, add a black leather jacket and combat boots, for example.

4. Seek Inspiration

Pinterest, Instagram and style blogs are the go-to mediums for style inspiration. Have you seen a blogger whose style resonates with you? Pin their images to remind yourself what you like, and eventually you will see a pattern developing. After, you can analyse what direction you're going, in terms of your own personal style and use it as a guide when shopping.

5. Stay true to yourself

Regardless of all the trends that constantly pop up, your style should reflect your individuality and personality. Do not like body con dresses because of how they fit? Don't force yourself to wear them. Stay true to yourself and stick to comfortable clothing that makes you feel great in your own skin. Being confident never goes out of style.

Ready to find your style and become a fashionista in your own way? Take a look at these outfits styled by Barnes and be inspired.

Ashleigh Barnes:

Instagram: @ashleighemblog

Outfits by: Aleje Boutique

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