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Finding Love at Lucky 8: The Evanses Journey

Published:Monday | January 16, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
The Beautiful bride being escorted from the car by her mother, Sharon Martin Dale to fulfil her destiny of living happily ever after.
Behind every loving bride and groom is a supportive bridal party. From left: the bride's father Courtney Dale, Samantha Ebanks, Barrington Phoenix, the newlyweds, best man Kemar Hinds, Kameka Cameron, Kevroy Hunter and Rushell Shaw.
In fine architectural landscape, the love that they share illuminates in new nuptial light.
One of the two wedding cakes prepared and designed just for Mr ans Mrs Evans.
Mr and Mrs Evans seal their love and lasting love witth a kiss!

The garden parish of St Ann now has new meaning for Camille Dale and Ricardo Evans, who met by chance in Ocho Rios, and fell so deeply in love that it led to their happily ever after.

"Ricardo and I met in the Easter of 2010 on one of my many sojourns to Ocho Rios, St Ann. At that time, I was on one of my countless trips with my friend Samantha, and we had planned to go to a series of parties in the parish. So, on this last trip, we had planned to just spend the weekend," Camille explained to Flair. This would be the weekend that changed her life forever.


When we first met


Camille and Samantha went to Rio Nuevo Beach one afternoon where they met a group of men who offered to share their food and drinks. During the interaction, Camille saw something, or rather, someone she liked. "He was the one that I liked out of all the others. I thought he was cute, he wasn't too talkative, and I wanted him to talk to me more." Little did she know that she was being noticed by Ricardo. "The competition was stiff as all the other guys were talking to her friend and her and I was shy."

The adventures of Camille and Samantha continued and there was yet another trip to Ocho Rios. They invited the parishioners they had met on the previous excursion.

What should have been a weekend trip for Camille, turned into approximately three weeks in paradise. "I remember my mom and my close friend Kathy Ann asking me when I'd be returning and I kept saying, next week."

The days were were filled with dates, laughter, and love. Camille planned to return home to Kingston but was so overwhelmed when she tried, that she couldn't. She was love struck. She finally managed to contain her emotions long enough to return to Kingston but became a regular visitor to the parish of eight rivers.


Planned Proposal


Ricardo planned a surprise engagement party under the guise of a family friend's birthday party at Jerkaz on Old Hope Road. Camille was in a state of confusion as she entered the venue to see Ricardo, her parents, priest, some friends and family. "I kept saying, this is a party for Steven, where's Steven?" My hand was shaking when he held it. Of course, I said yes, and having gone through a traumatic experience together just months before, his proposal could not have come at a better time."


The Wedding


On November 26, 2016, surrounded by close family members and friends, Ricardo and Camille, who had met by chance in Ocho Rios became husband and wife. The Holy Trinity Cathedral was bathed in a sea of royal purple and lilac as the beautiful bride, and her dashing groom, exchanged vows before God and guests. The wedding reception, which took place where Ricardo proposed (Jerkaz).