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Choke it up to Denim with Kurt Campbell

Published:Thursday | January 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Frayed Rebecca rustic charm and bamboo denim cuff.
Kurt Campbell designs
Distressed denim Soon Choker.
Kurt Campbell is all about business and creating the best.
The creative genius behind the designs, Kurt Campbell.
This tropical crystal choker screams fun and chic!
Renee Bryan is a vision of beauty in this MO Patchwork choker.
Kurt Campbell's queen black retro choker.
This Gothic lace sterling sliver and gems will add spunk to your outfit.
MO patchwork earrings.

It's time to give your jewellery collection a luxe new look with trendy, stunning choker designs that will turn heads and hearts.

Fashion designer, Kurt Campbell who is known for his superb creativity and originality, spends most of his time travelling and seeking adventures that will inspire his artistry. Surprisingly, his denim designs did not derive from either.

His first denim choker was made from a jeans he ripped and wore around his neck. After much thought, he decided to have a celebrity 'choke it up' in his denim and from there, it was history.

"After the simpler version of my chokers became popular, I started focusing on making my designs more detailed and dramatic. I create designs that is empowering that will inspire without being cliche," Campbell told Flair.

Campbell admitted that he still has many more designs coming for his choker line, and is also focusing on one of his favourite things to design gowns.

"I'm presently working on my choker line, graffiti pants and my prom night collection for 2017 graduating class. The 2017 gowns will be perfect for graduations, birthday's, award shows, and weddings," Campbell told Flair.

Campbell has high hopes for his designs as he plans on making an impact on not just Jamaica but the world. He also aims to revive the denim industry with detailed choker production and craftsmanship, making denim a brand.

Feast your eyes on these confident, elegant, yet sophisticated pieces from his designs.

Creative Director: Kimberly Goodall

Model: Renee Bryan

Photographer: Rudolph Brown

Kurt Campbell Design House

Tel: (876) 571-9209

Email: kurtcampbell1989@gmail.com

Instagram: kurt_campbell