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Crazy Cupid kinda love

Published:Monday | January 23, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Love is a beautiful thing, but every now and then, it can drive you crazy. So, in honouring that 'crazy cupid kinda love,' a few lovebirds shared with us those annoying yet adorable things they say to each other.


 My girlfriend is always asking if one of my women gave me something new like, for example, if I get a new chain, "Which of your women gave me that?" It's kind of cute because it shows a little jealousy.

- C.B.

My husband always calls me "ET" aka the alien when my hair need fixing. It's annoying, but it's cute because he then tries to help me fix it. Then, in the morning when we are both getting ready for work, I would scream "10 minutes to eight!" He finds it annoying as he doesn't like to be rushed or feel rushed. However, he secretly likes it as it makes him get to work on time

- Z. C.


I'll say to my wife, "Wah gwaan fi di food?" And that's annoying to her. I think she finds it cute too because sometimes she laughs and she knows I love her cooking.

- D.A.


My husband calls me "Nikipedia" cause he says I know a lot and he doesn't need the Internet for knowledge. It can get annoying, but I must say, I think it's sweet.

- N.D.


My girlfriend calls me her 'sweet pepper nose bubby', highlighting my not-so small nose. While I call her 'my big eye baby' - she does not like to remember that her eyes are big. It's not only about what is said, but about how it is being said.

- L.H.


You know how Tanto Blacks says, "Boooobeeeeee!"? I've been saying that to my boyfriend ever since we got together which was four years ago. How it started was that he used to always fall asleep and sleep dead, so in order to wake him up, I'd go over his ears and say, "Boooooobeeeeeeeeeeee!", in the whiniest voice ever and he'd wake up immediately, all miserable, but then I'd tell him that I tried everything else and only that would work. Minutes later, he'd thank me for waking him and show his gratitude with a kiss. Now, when he wants to cheer me up from a sad state, he would say that same 'Boo bee', with a loving undertone. I'd just blush at the sentiment, because I saw that he turned something so annoying to him into something so adorable to me, so much so that his name in my phone is Boobee.

- M.K.


We'll talk about a guy or a girl which is our imaginary crush, and we will joke about it until we get angry. He usually freaks out first when I go into details. My imaginary guy is Courtney. His girl doesn't ever have a name.

- A.W.


Whenever I say something I should not have said about her, or call her out on her faults, she always turns to me and says, "You know, I hate you, like, me hate you." But as international rapper Big Sean once said, girls only say I hate you to the guys that they love.

- G.W., male