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JMMB inspires with Judette Coward-Puglisi

Published:Monday | January 23, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Caught in her element, Judette Coward-Puglisi tells it like it is with flair.
Guest speaker Judette Coward-Puglisi (second left) shares the spotlight with Patricia Sutherland (left), Donna Duncan-Scott (second right) and Imani Duncan-Price.
A joyful Coward-Puglisi shares her journey to passion and happiness.

JMMB is about envisioning love, and empowering women to be free and financially focused.

Last Wednesday evening, the team celebrated women with a night of Theatre, Inspiration and Revelation. The Ashe Company, dramatised the emotional struggles women face and then overcoming them with strength and grace. This 'tasty appetiser' gave way to the 'savoury main course' of the evening up close and personal with Trinidadian entrepreneur and blogger, Judette Coward-Puglisi.

Chief public relations, evangelist, principal consultant and managing director, Coward-Puglisi, thought she had it all. That was until one day, her life fell apart. Admitted to the hospital for exhaustion, she reflected on what her college professor once said, "Do you have the power to bring forth the hidden treasures buried deep inside of you? Because those hidden treasures are hoping you can say yes."

That experience resulted in her leaving the life she once led behind, to start a new and exciting journey with her blog, Forward Forty.

Coward-Puglisi went about this by implementing four strategies to be successful having courage, fighting fear, getting rid of toxic behaviour and perseverance.

Speaking on courage, Coward-Puglisi says that tapping into that requires sweet succulent balance between finding your passion and understanding your purpose.

"When I walked away from my job to do a lifestyle blog, everyone thought I was having a midlife crisis. My yesterday was beautiful and I'm never going to knock it, but I wanted something different, something more. I wanted my tomorrow to be not just beautiful, but breathtaking," she noted.

She notes that on the other side of fear lies your dream. She explained that the brain is designed to keep you safe, but the human spirit is designed to make you soar, so you've got to be willing to try. "It's OK to jump, because here is what will happen. You can jump and fly, jump and land softly or jump and land hard. Whatever happens, women are resilient, we are built to get back up," she added.

She added that fear and the fascination for really living make for enemies, bad lover even. Fear is needed for survival, but you don't need fear to manifest your dreams, "Whenever fear appears, make it come along for the ride, but put fear on the back seat and tell it to shut up with the 'Nos', 'Don't s' and 'Stop'. If you let fear in you will never go anywhere interesting. You are in control."

For toxic behaviour, such as procrastination, stubbornness and righteousness, as well as toxic people, even toxic weight she encouraged those present to shed those pounds and toxic attitudes.

She added that for perseverance, it is important for us, to never give up on our dreams but to work at it, "To go into the unknown is scary, but today, I wake up each morning with such joy, so find something you love that brings you joy and peace."

Revelation came with a dessert of declarations from the newly inspired women who announced their plans to fulfil their dreams out loud.