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Taylor-made for Love

Published:Thursday | January 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Like sands beneath their feet, so they walk the path as husband and wife.
The Taylors' wedding.
The groom is surrounded by a sea of beauties. From left: Yanique Chin, Kherissa Myers, Kereisha McLeod, Tanesha Stewart, Kimberly Morrison, Elony Perry-Ryan, and Monique Gobern.
Forever daddy's girl, as the glowing bride shares her joy with her father, Errol Cobourne.
The two became one and sealed it with a kiss.
Sean Taylor is 'swagged' up by his groomsmen (from left) Ronnel Kelly, Duane West, Daniel and David Perry, and best man, Paul Grant.

"It's that feeling of completion that cannot be ignored. Even if the world was at war, I would still be at peace right where she is." The happy newlywed, Sean Taylor told Flair.

Though they may be considered young for marriage - Cherrol Cobourne, 24, and Sean, 26 - love knows no age. The couple met in the library at university, and Sean took the opportunity to finally talk to Cherrol, after admiring her from afar for weeks.

Sean was very meticulous in his approach, as he had done his research, and was just waiting on the perfect time to make his move. "I used what I knew best - humour," he told Flair. He interpreted her smile as an invitation to her table, and charmed his way into her life. "To this day, she will deny that she liked me from that night, but I am positive she did. I asked her for her number and she said probably the next time she saw me. After managing to dodge me on campus for almost a month, I saw her going to her dorm one day, I got her number then," Sean shared.

For Cherrol, the encounter went a bit different. When Sean invited himself to her table, she thought it was strange but apparently her response was no match for his persistence. He engaged her in a mind-blowing conversation which got her attention as she remembers saying to him, "you're different." Little did she know, she was going to see a lot more of him.

After nine months of long phone calls and falling asleep together on Skype, they decided to make things official and started their journey of love.


Three-Day Proposal


Two years later, the two were inseparable, and Sean was ready to seal the deal, making Cherrol a part of his forever.

At the beginning of 2016, Sean went overseas to work. After being away for two months, he sent a ticket for Cherrol to visit. Cherrol walked outside of the airport to see a familiar yet nervous looking young man on one knee with a huge bouquet of flowers in one hand and three packs of Kit Kat in the other.

"I thought this was it, he's going to propose but ... nothing happened." On the way from the airport, Sean informed Cherrol that he had made dinner reservations at her favourite Italian restaurant. At what would seem like the perfect moment, at dinner the waiter carried out the dessert accompanied by the words 'and the two will become one flesh' written in chocolate syrup. "Boy was I wrong ... again!" Cherrol declared as the anticipated proposal did not happen.

The following night after coming in from a long day of shopping, Cherrol opened the door and was greeted with candles and rose petals. The mood was completed with the love notes of Luther Vandross. Stepping inside, she saw a note on the floor with directions to a string of other notes which carried her to different sections of the house and finally to the basketball court. There written in rose petals and bordered by candles were the words, "Will You Marry Me?" There was Sean on his knees with a ring box in his hand. To her surprise, the box was empty. No ring.

"He told me the ring did not come in time, but to make things up to me, he invited me the following evening on a yacht for a tour of some celebrity homes. I was enjoying the wind in my face and the captivating scenery, when I was distracted by R. Kelly's song Forever and cheerful clapping and excitement. Fighting to hold back the tears, he asked me to be his wife, with the ring! I yelled 'finally!'

Despite being in separate countries, both were involved in the wedding-planning process.


'Taylored for Taylors' Royal Blue Wedding


On December 18, 2016, Sean and Cherrol's family and close friends, gathered at the Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort in Ocho Rios, to celebrate the beautiful union. The intimate beach ceremony included sniffles from guest, an acapella group, Humble, which provided astounding music and Kristoff Reid and Renaldo Smith captured every moment.

According to bridesmaid, Kimberly Morrison, the wedding and reception were simply breathtaking - from beginning to end. "It was filled with emotions, many basking in joy for the Taylors, young and deeply in love."

A great deal of time was spent to unwind and enjoy each other's company as the newly-weds celebrated the relief of finally getting hitched. They honeymooned at their wedding venue where they spent days kayaking, snorkelling, and indulging in watersport activities and dinners at the different restaurants as husband and wife.