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Bedroom duties

Published:Monday | January 30, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Ladies, who doesn't love a man in uniform? Ruggedly handsome, body chiseled to perfection, with a stellar track record of strength and remarkable versatility. Who craves the opportunity to ring off the alarms of erotica and have them standing at attention as they get up close and personal in performing their diligent bedroom duties, just for you, soaring you beyond new heights of pleasure? Well, we asked a few of our die hard uniform lovers which of the forces, armed or otherwise, has their affection and what is their ultimate service fantasy. Here's our salute to the desired fruit.

- My fantasy is with the highest ranking army officer. I would tie him up, leash him and bark sexual orders that he has to comply with.

- E.R.


- I'm a soldier of love, so I would want him from the army to be such an authority in the bedroom. Order me to drop my undies, tell me to bend over while he salutes me over and over again. Be all '50 Shades' and I would take the spanking like a real submissive.

- J.L.


- On vacation in a foreign country, I'm out on the town when all of a sudden a building catches fire, the firemen show up, save a few people who were trapped and the fire has been extinguished. I see a few of the firemen outside sweating and dehydrated. When I save the day by bringing over beverages to cool them down, that's when the cute, quiet one starts gazing into my soul and works up the courage to ask me out. We go out that evening and have the best time, and later, I practice sliding down the pole *wink*.

- Y.M.


- You know that Konshens song, Motivation? "Hands behind your back, limit your mobility, then me choke you like police brutality." That's my police fantasy. He locks me, handcuffs me, puts me against the wall, speaks to me soft and heavy in my ears then tells me I've been a bad girl. Of course, I'm going to resist because, as he said, I've been a bad girl. Then he'd slap me on the romp, because I like it playfully rough, then when I least expect it, he has his way right then and there with me.

- J.R.


- I've always wanted to be swept off my feet, literally and figuratively. I would meet this guy in his Navy seal uniform in a bar or club. Our eyes would meet across the room. He smiles, I smile back, and then he walks over to my table and introduces himself. He tells me I'm beautiful, I blush at the compliment, he offers to buy me a drink and I invite him to sit and have it with me. We talk and dance the night away. The bar is closing and we have to leave, but don't want the night to end so I suggest a walk on the beach and he agrees. We head for the beach, it's a full moon, the water is calm and glistening in the moonlight. We walk close to the water's edge. I tell him about my love for the sea, the beach (my favourite place). He kisses me and I proceed to strip him of his uniform and go on the attack, climbing aboard his 'ship' right there in the water.

- S.C.


- I'd like a pilot to book a one way flight to Paris on a private jet, just for me, and while his co-pilot controls the skies, I'd sneak off into the plane and make him my co-pilot of ecstasy, boarding my gateway, ascending into euphoria, then after the turbulence of straddling and riding, we go into cruise control, before an intense descend to a sweet landing.

- A.A.