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Kelly's World | We all can't be alphas

Published:Monday | January 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM

"Men heap together the mistakes of their lives and create a monster they call destiny."

- John Hobbes


Not sure if I believe in destiny but I believe you are what you are, and that at the very core, people don't change. So if you are what you are, then your actions/mistakes will mirror (and are caused by) what you are. Which leads me back to the headline - we're not all alphas.

In every tribe/group/setting of animals, whether human or lower class, there are alpha males and then there is every other type of male. Now, nobody really cares about the other guys. Alpha male is the one everybody looks to. He's the one who gets all the women, the one who the other men want to be like but can't, and he's the guy alphas from other groups want to take down if they are to be superior.

The other guys in his group? Don't get me wrong, they serve a purpose. Just not one that can mirror that of the alpha. So my point is you're either an alpha or you're not. A friend of mine, who is definitely an alpha, believes all men are alphas, they just have to find their inner self. Hmm, no. I disagree. But then, I don't have a degree in social anthropology or anything like that, so what do I know?

What I do know is, men in uniform. Alphas of no mean order. Going back to the quote. Looking back, I've made missteps that I realise alphas, whether in uniform or not, don't make. This was before I even knew the concept of the alpha male. So maybe I really ain't one after all. Bloody knew it! Maybe my destiny is actually written out as far as the alpha thing goes anyway.

Over a few days recently, I asked some people what animal they thought I represented. I put forward the usual wolf, lion, tiger and 'those' animals. You know what they almost all decided on? A koala. Yep, I'm a cute, cuddly eucalyptus-eating marsupial. Hooray! But looking back, I think, I've thought along the same lines all my life. I'm no leader of any pack, just a nice role player. I'm not LeBron James, more James Jones. And that's fine, as long as the team wins, right?

But your name ain't never going to be in the lights. The reporters don't flock to your locker after the game, and you don't get the endorsements or the interviews on 'The Today Show'. The more I live (or better yet, float through life), I have cemented the belief I'm no head wolf. And to a point, I'm okay with that. At times I believe I'd rather be the baker who keeps the village fed than the knight who MIGHT slay the dragon or get roasted.

If I'm going to get burned, I think I'm okay with it being by the oven. I mean, dragons and knights come and go, but people always need bread. So pardon me while I head back to the kitchen; the dough's ready.

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