Sun | Jul 15, 2018

A sizzling salute

Published:Monday | January 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Army watch reporting for duty.
Name: Kenard Pinnock. Rank: Able Bodied Seaman (JDF Coast Guard) Lance corporal. Favourite thing about the job: I love saving lives. At times you have persons stranded in distress for hours, days, even weeks. To be the person to rescue and reunite them with their families, seeing the smile on their faces, brings me joy. And the tears, too, when they get back with their loved ones. It enhances my drive to do what I do.
Name: James Meredith. Rank: Lance corporal. Favourite thing about the job: This is the best job. Just waking up each morning and putting on the uniform transforms you. My favourite aspect of my job is the search and rescue missions. Once you get the call to assist, the drive you get, knowing that you’re serving a purpose to your country, makes you feel not only accomplished but good as well. Also, when people say they appreciate the work you’re doing and encourage you to continue making your country proud, that motivates me to do my work every single day.
Name: Aaron Gabriel. Rank: Sub lieutenant. Favourite thing about the job: My favourite thing about my job is that I get to interact with people from all over the world and every strata of society – underprivileged children at community engagement activities, as well as ambassadors and heads of state – it’s a wonderful experience.
Name: Tetrano Douglas. Rank: Ordinary Seaman (JDF Coast Guard). Favourite thing about the job: The Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard teaches me self-respect and respect for others, but more importantly, allows me to enact self-gratification through life-changing experiences, such as saving someone lost at sea. I love the action and it brings me exactly where I want to be – helping others.
Name: Sanjay Lozer. Rank: Third Engineering Officer/Lecturer. Favourite thing about the job: I get to explore the great seas and be exposed to new and exciting adventures. I’m always learning something new, whether about the job or the world. And I get to do it all while doing what I love.
Name: Darren Beckles. Rank: Corporal. Favourite thing about the job: My job allows me to interact with every facet of the JDF, but I love when we go out on infantry operations. The look I see on the faces of children and women when we're present, our fighting crime, is one of relief and satisfaction, it's living proof that we're doing a good job. Being a soldier means putting your country before yourself. It's not just a job, it's a way of life.
Name: Garfield Allen. Rank: Third Officer. Favourite thing about the job: Normally, you pay to travel. I get to travel while getting paid, and I love it. In travelling, too, I'm given the opportunity to view, understand and appreciate varying cultures, and I love that. Then, when you're at sea, you get this great sense of freedom which is like no other.
Name: Christopher Murray. Rank: Second Navigational Officer. Favourite thing about the job: Most professions pale in comparison. The thrill of the sea and the adventure of new countries. When diverse cultures need to coalesce in the name of efficiency, that’s when duty calls and I can’t help but respond.
Name: Jason Lampart. Rank: Corporal. Favourite thing about the job: I love the fact that the job enables me to inspire and motivate others. I get to work on the streets and I get to support Jamaica and Jamaicans. The overall feeling of pride is immense, knowing that you can make a big contribution to your country in such a little way.
Name: Garfield Taylor. Rank: Deputy Superintendent of Police. Favourite thing about the job: For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a police, and so even after completing my first degree in economics, my first job application was directly to the police force. I have always known that I was not cut out for a typical desk job, and the diversity of the police force, and even the dangers of the job, were attractive to me. It is great knowing that I am able to positively impact lives and make a difference to the people around me. Simply put, I am proud to serve my country.
Garfield Taylor
Name: Miguel Ross Rank: Lieutenant (Pilot) Fave thing about the job: Knowing that despite my humble beginnings, and not being popular in school, I'm piloting their important asset, brings me great joy. Engaging in presentations at career expos, and seeing them sign up because of my words is also amazing, and going back home to a community and family proud of me, means alot to me. We are the backbones in providing security from external forces, and protecting the lives of everyday citizen: we are a ray of hope.

Men in uniform, for the fairer sex, make for great eye or arm candy, as the case may be, but they mean so much more than that. Called to duty, they stand by the mantra of providing outstanding service and protection for the Jamaican people. So, Flair has decided to honour our local men in uniform and present to you our sizzling salute.