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Love me: Flaws and All

Published:Monday | February 6, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

In recent times, the talk of the town is 'You don't have to be a size two to be the best you', putting body critics to shame with confidence. But how many of us take that same approach to our skin? Could these problematic areas of the skin be possibly addressed with solutions through the eyes of a significant other?

Meet Tracey Ann Smith*. Smith, who is 26 years old and currently residing in Portland, told Flair that her biggest problem with her skin has always been her stretch marks. "My stretch marks run up and down my belly as well as my back, and to a lesser degree on my thighs," she highlighted. "I couldn't stand seeing them, I thought they were hideous, so much so that once I began dating a man and we reached that pivotal point of the relationship where I would need to undress, I would ensure that it was done at night, in the dark," she confessed. But one day, that all changed when she met Trent Simms*.

"I noticed that while she portrayed this confident voluptuous woman, she became self-conscious when it came to being in her own skin," Simms explained to Flair.


In order to make her feel comfortable, he highlighted, they both had to create their own world of baring it all whenever they could, day and night, just so that he could prove to her that he is absolutely okay with seeing her in the nude. Smith noted that she hesitated at first, reverting to her old habits of covering up as soon as she got the chance, but Simms remained persistent and consistent in his pursuit to build her confidence in the skin department.

Another technique he shared with us was that since she didn't love those stretch marks, he would show those marks more love than anywhere else. "I would clamp down on every negative comment she would say about them, replacing it with positivity. I fall asleep tucked in her belly, or her lower back or her thighs, all of which branded stretch marks. And as for a more intimate approach, they would become one of my first target for kissing trails."

Since their relationship has blossomed, Smith says she realised that her hatred towards stretch marks has changed. "I still won't go the beach in a bikini but I have accepted that I'm not perfect, I'm human, with flaws that shape who I am as a person. And with the extra boost from Trent, I am much more comfortable being in my birthday suit, more so now than then, at home."

So, it just goes to show you, sometimes it pays to love with flaws and all, knowing along the way that all it takes is a little encouragement for us to love the skin we're in.

*Names changed upon request