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Happy 'Side-chick' Day!

Published:Friday | February 10, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall

You know how they say 'three's a crowd'. Well, not for side-chicks. As many of us get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day, we thought it only right to pay homage to the 'single' women who play a critical role in many lives - the side-chick.

According to some of our readers, February 13 is officially 'Side-chick Day', so Flair decided to ask them what they do or expect from their man on Valentine's Day. Check out what they had to say.

- I understand my role so I take the shift I can get, whether it be early or late, but I expect Valentine's Day lunch or some kind of treat. I don't call after, I just wait on my 'link up' the next day.

- K.A., 27, Portmore, St Catherine


- I don't care much for Valentine's Day, so I don't care if I see him or not that day. If I do need my one-on-one time, I'll take any amount of time I can get.

- S.G., 29, Kingston


- Before I knew I was a side-chick, I would see him the day before, but he told me he didn't celebrate Valentine's Day, so I didn't expect gifts or anything spectacular, but now that I know about wifey - I celebrate on the 13th.

- S.P. 21, Portland


- Valentine's Day is not a big deal for me, but if wifey gets to go to Moon Palace or any other 'fancy schmancy' place, I expect to go somewhere nice, too. I put a lot into the relationship so I, too, should be treated.

- M.C., 30, Trelawny


- Side-chicks have to be realistic. I know I'm not going to get Valentine's Day because that's for his wifey. Birthdays are different. I expect to get gifts and time but otherwise, no.

- C.E., 31, Kingston

Now that we know how side-chicks feel about the season of love, we spoke to some men to find out how they manage both women on 'Cupid's Day'.

- Well, I can't let my side girl feel left out, so if I don't get to send a little gift, I make it up to her the next day.

- C.C., 31, Kingston


- My 'side pieces' knew that Valentine's Day, birthdays and Christmas are for 'wifey', so I didn't have to think about buying two gifts or spending time with them.

- A.R., 51, Kingston

- On Valentine's Day, as with Christmas or any other romantic holiday, I've learnt how to share my time with different 'wife prospects'. I have five so I ensure to set aside the most romantic portion of the day, usually night, for Prospect No. 1, while juggling prospects three, four and five during the day. Prospects No. 3 and above usually know they are not Prospect No. 1, and won't mind the limited time spent. They probably have their own man for Valentine's Day. Prospect No. 2 is a bit of a concern because she is in the realm of mixed signals, but I make it up to her post-Valentine's Day. But, whatever I did ... I made sure to send Prospect No. 1 roses, chocolate and texts about what I will do to her in the 'tonight'. You can't afford to make her mad!

- D.K., 30, Kingston


- Valentine's Day is the universal day for disappearing. I pull a genuine disappearing act like laying the foundation that I don't have the money or I won't be in town, so that they don't expect anything. With some, I'll buy some nice chocolate from Chocolate Dreams and drop them off.

- R.P., 56, St Catherine


- On Valentine's Day, I turn off my phone, turn on a movie, order a large pizza and park my vehicle in the back so no one can get to me. If I'm in a good mood, I might send some fruit basket to my side pieces and spend the night with my main.

- D.E., 36, Mandeville